Lala Kent Does Something New While Randall Says She’s Friends With His Ex

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During quarantine Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has been finding ways to be entertained. First she threw her fiance a birthday party with a shark theme. For his forty ninth birthday she knew they had to keep it simple.

She went to Target and got everything she needed for a Jawsome Birthday according to the napkins she bought. Randall jokingly asked if he didn’t get to pick his own theme. Beggars can’t be choosers when you have to have a birthday in quarantine.

What Is Lala Kent Doing That She’s Never Done?

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett got really serious about one thing while in quarantine. Pickleball! Lala said she was stuck at home when she shared a picture sitting in her car. Kent said “I’ve taken up Pickleball in my spare quarantine time. What are y’all doing that you weren’t really doing before?” People responded with everything from learning Spanish to publishing eBooks for kids.

Pickleball is a sport that mixes several sports. These include table tennis, badminton, and tennis. Lala and Emmett have a full court in their backyard. Emmett posted a picture of the court with the caption, “Pickleball before the rain.”

Lala also opened up recently on Instagram about her role on the show and some of the messages she’s gotten. She said, “I have never and will never be someone who cares what people think of me when it comes to what they see on Vanderpump Rules. To me, everything comes with the territory. We pop off, we act out, it is what it is. My fighting style has been this way for quite some time. I’ll own when I’m wrong or when I’ve gone too far, but to live in shame, that’s not happening.”

Randall Emmett Says His Ex And Lala Are Friends Now

Andy Cohen wanted to know if Randall’s ex-wife watched Vanderpump Rules according to Bravo TV. He also said,”what does she think of Lala Kent’s bad b***h persona?”

Randall responded, “I don’t know if she watches Vanderpump Rules. But all I can say is that with the peace in the world that we’re looking for, they have peace now, and I’m gonna leave it at that. They’re friends now, so I don’t know what she thinks about your… bad —.”

Lala interrupted and said they talk about the kids and that’s really it. Randall has two daughters Rykee and London. In the past, there was tension when Lala shared a video without Ambyr’s permission. She also said she doesn’t know if Ambyr watches the show. With Lala and Randall’s upcoming wedding it’s good they can get along. Maybe when they finally can have their wedding guests will take place in a Pickleball tournament.

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