Duggar: Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Are Serious About Coronavirus

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On Wednesday, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo shared new social media posts. And, these posts show that they’re really taking the coronavirus seriously. In the pictures they shared, the whole family is wearing matching Los Angeles Dodgers face masks. Jeremy says a friend makes masks and wanted to send some to the Vuolos. Jinger notes they’re on their fourth week of staying home. She doesn’t mention going out for groceries, but it definitely seems like they’re restricting their trips out of the house.

In the photo Jinger shared, one-year-old Felicity’s doll is wearing her mask. Apparently, Felicity isn’t a big fan of the new face masks. So, hers isn’t being used by her right now.

There were some concerns over the Duggar family taking the virus seriously. Unfortunately, some of the family in Arkansas gathered at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home last Monday. Luckily, some of the others in Arkansas are practicing social-distancing. Jill and Jessa both seem to be following stay-at-home recommendations. But, Arkansas isn’t putting these guidelines in place anyway. They recently received an F for their lack of restrictions.


Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo give updates on social-distancing

With several Instagram posts, Jeremy and Jinger are keeping their followers updated. They want their followers to know that they’re staying safe during this time. They also want to encourage their followers to do the same.


In one social media post, Jinger talks about what they’ve been up to while staying home. She writes, “We’ve been enjoying some much-needed spring cleaning, finding new recipes online to whip up, and running around the house and backyard chasing Felicity. Like everyone else, we’ve never experienced anything like this before. But it helps us realize how grateful we are for the gifts God has given us, especially our relationship with him and with each other.

Duggar fans are happy to know the family is safe

In response to their coronavirus social-distancing posts, Duggar fans are really happy to know that Jinger and Jeremy are staying safe. They are reminding the family to “stay safe.”

One of Jeremy’s followers says, “Love this!! Thank you for encouraging safe protocols!! 👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻” Other fans also thank the couple for using their platform wisely. They have a good number of followers on social media. So, it’s important that they’re encouraging social-distancing and other safe practices too.

Jeremy and Jinger also live in Los Angeles, California. So, they are likely seeing the worst of the pandemic. They especially realize the importance of staying inside and staying safe during this scary time.

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