Todd Chrisley Shares About Super-Safe Social Distancing For Nanny Faye

Chrisley Knows Best Nanny Faye

Todd Chrisley and his family make certain that Nanny Faye stays safe during the coronavirus pandemic. And as you can imagine, Nanny Faye’s right up there enforcing no visitors with a twist of Chrisley humor. Todd shared about it on Instagram, and many people agreed he set a great example of looking after those in the at-risk age group, and caring for our loved ones.

Todd Chrisley reveals extreme safety measures for Nanny Faye

Nanny Faye, beloved by thousands of people as she features on Chrisley Knows Best.  Now, fans see she takes real good care about keeping unwanted visitors away from her home. On his Instagram, Todd shared a short video of her going outside to collect a meal he delivered that Savannah cooked. But fans fell in love with the big fern pots that she used as a barricade. Anyone attempting to knock on her door needs to navigate through them. And, her Clemson Tigers poster would also maybe make people think twice.

Todd Chrisley explained in his caption how they keep their distance. Savannah cooked the meal and then Todd delivered it to her front door, presumably after navigating the fern barricade. He said, “I practiced social distancing by leaving it on her front Porch, leave it up to my mother to come to the door with gloves on to pick it up and sanitize before she opens it.” In the short clip, they hold a very long-distance conversation about gloves and whatnot. Fans love how Todd takes such good care to not pass on any germs to his mother.

Fan react to super-safe social distancing for Nanny Faye

Fans of the family just adore Nanny Faye. She’s a powerhouse of great fun, humor, and practicality. So, they expressed their love for the family who takes care of her well. Here’s what some of them said to Todd Chrisley about it:

  • “Aww you are amazing, taking care of your mama. Mr. Chisley sir you have [an] amazing wife and daughter taking care of your mama. Making her food, make sure she okay.❤️”
  • “We should all be so diligent. Glad you’re keeping her safe. My daughter and I have been watching reruns of your shows. Training Faye had us dying.”
  • “😇 your’re an amazing family. We should all follow suit. We’ve lost our family values in the greedy desire to have more things. Much love and respect!! 🙏🏼💕 (sic).
  • “😁 Well on the bright side you know she is being extra careful and aware of the Virus. She is a good role model.”

Many other fans just can’t wait for another season of Chrisley Knows Best to come along.

Season 8 of Chrisley Knows Best

TV Shows Ace reported that a new season for the USA Network show already got a couple of previews dropped for it. Fans should expect it “soon,” the one trailer said. But, reminds viewers that a release date’s yet to be announced. Nevertheless, as they said it comes soon, hopefully, these dull social-distancing days soon get a dose of good old-fashioned fun. Todd Chrisley never fails to deliver on that front.

What did you think of the short clip showing how super-safely Nanny Faye and the family practice social distancing? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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