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Joy-Anna Duggar Wants to Clear Up Confusion With Instagram Handle

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Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth recently made a small change in their lives. They now have separate Instagram profiles, but it’s led to some confusion. Now the Counting On star wants to make a change to help clear up that confusion.

When the two originally started out their Instagram journeys, they did it through one account. That’s now changed, but Duggar wants to change her Instagram handle, and it’s something she’s working on.

Together Offline and Online

While her sisters created their own accounts on social media, Joy-Anna decided to make a joint account with her husband. It was never fully clear why the two made this decision, except that they wanted to be together online as they are offline.

Some of the Duggar couples have made the decision to share their Instagram pages. For example, Joe and Kendra share an account. John and Abbie do too.

There have been many memories shared on the joint account over the years, and Joy-Anna and Austin haven’t sugarcoated their lives, either, sharing some of the bad as well as the good. It’s understandable that neither of them really want to give up access to the account with so many memories.

Maybe Austin won’t completely give up access or they have the memories stored elsewhere. However, he’s not going to keep sharing on the account.

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Nineteen weeks!💝🥰 . #babygirl #19weekspregnant #somuchlove

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Joy-Anna Duggar Wants a New Instagram Handle

Of course, now that the two have split accounts, the original @austinandjoyforsyth handle doesn’t make a lot of sense. Fans are understandably confused, wondering whether it really is Joy-Anna sharing all the time.

On a recent Instagram post, a fan asked, “Since Austin has his own Instagram now, can you make yours just your name?” Joy-Anna responded and said she’s “working on it.”

The account right now remains under the joint name, but that shouldn’t be for too long. Joy-Anna is working with Instagram to get her own handle rather than starting her own account on the side. She doesn’t want to lose all the memories completely, nor will she want to start from scratch with the follower count.

The move is similar to some of the other Duggar women who are all married. Some of them have their own social media accounts, opting to share their own updates and sometimes reposting their spouses’ photos. This certainly makes fans happy knowing that Joy-Anna is following the footsteps of her sisters.

Now all eyes are on what the Counting On star and her husband will share on their separate accounts. For the most part, right now it’s all going to be about the pregnancy.

Why do you think Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have split accounts? What do you hope to see from the Counting On star moving forward? Share in the comments below.


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