Duggar: Ben Seewald Shows Off Ivy’s Creativity

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Duggar fans absolutely love the Seewald kids. Ben and Jessa’s kids are some of their favorites. Fans think the kids are adorable, of course. But, they also applaud Jessa and Ben for how they raise their kids. They think they’re doing an amazing job and that the kids are really well-behaved. And, Jessa has shared that the kids get along well too.

On Tuesday evening, Ben shared a new Instagram post featuring 10-month-old Ivy. The couple also has two sons, Spurgeon, 4, and Henry, 3. In the new post, Ivy is playing a Baby Shark game. The circular base of the game spins around while playing “Baby Shark,” and the kids have to use little plastic fishing poles to catch the sharks.

Well, it seems like Ivy has a different idea. She decides to grab the sharks with her fingers as the base rotates. This seems to be working for her, because she quickly has a collection of little sharks. Ben says, “Who needs a fishing pole? She has her own methods.”


One fan pointed out that “It looks like she’s pretty happy with her method.” Ivy is giggling and smiling during the video. It’s clear that she’s pretty proud of herself for figuring out how to catch the sharks, even if she’s technically not playing it the right way. In the background of the video, Ivy’s parents and brothers are cheering her on. It looks like she has quite the audience.

Duggar fans can’t get over how smart Ivy is

At just 10 months old, Ivy is already super smart, fans think. She came up with her own way to play the game. It’s unclear whether she tried using the fishing poles, but her creativity is obvious. And, fans love it. They’re really impressed by her fine motor skills and her concentration in the new video. Ben’s family commented and wrote, “Ivy Jane plays her own way. 😘😘😘

And, as usual, fans are leaving comments about how adorable Ivy is. They think she looks a lot like her mom. And, they also think she looks like her aunt Jinger and cousin Felicity. She’s got big, dark eyes like Jessa, Jinger, and Felicity. Several of Ben’s followers point this out after watching the new video.

So, what do you think of the new video? Do you like the Seewald kids too? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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