‘Cheer’ on Netflix Season 2: 2019 Competitions Canceled, Could Affect Show

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Fans loved Season 1 of Cheer on Netflix. This first season was short with only six episodes. Everyone has been hoping it would come back soon. Now the fact that cheerleading competitions have been canceled, it could also affect another season of the show.

The first season focused on getting to know the cast of the show and a bit about what they do. Everyone would love to see them on television again now that they already love the cast.

Competitions canceled

TMZ shared the news that competitions are being canceled due to coronavirus. Navarro College cheer coach Monica Aldama confirmed that the national championship competition was canceled due to COVID-19. This really messes with what this show is all about. With no competitions to prepare for or to go to, then it is really confusing what Cheer would even film for Netflix to show.


Monica said, “For the first time in my life I had no control and my life has been a roller coaster over the past week. What I do know is that we will be back better than ever!!!” It sounds like everyone is looking to the future.

Everyone is looking forward to things getting back to normal, but it could be a while before that actually happens.

Season 2 of Cheer

It hasn’t been confirmed that Cheer will be back for Season 2. Everyone assumed they were filming and would reveal the news soon. For now, fans will just have to wait and see.

Navarro Cheer did post on Instagram that you can apply if you are interested in joining the cheer team. Auditions would be a lot of fun to watch as well for the fans.

Season 1 of Cheer is available to watch on Netflix now. You can enjoy these six episodes and wait for news on Season 2.

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