Kim Kardashian West: What You Should Know About Her Documentary

Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project

 ET Online calls Kim Kardashian West “the face of criminal justice reform.” Oxygen premieres her newest documentary. It’s titled Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project.

Kim Kardashian West: “The Face of Criminal Justice Reform”

In 2018, Kardashian West successfully petitioned President Donald Trump. This was for the clemency of Alice Marie Johnson. She partners with #cut50, too. #Cut50 is an advocacy group that brings awareness and changes to problems in the criminal justice system. Oftentimes, these problems lead to unfair sentencing. So, Kardashian West is working to make a change. She wants to fight for equality and fair sentences. It seems that she’s in it to change lives.

ET Online shines a light on Kardashian West’s progress in obtaining her law degree. Since then, Reuters reports that she successfully completed her first year of law school. Kardashian West is completing a four-year apprenticeship program in California. And, she hopes to take the bar exam in 2022.  

Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project

Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project is a documentary on Oxygen. The documentary follows Kardashian West as she works with #cut50. She works to facilitate the release of incarcerated individuals. 

“There are millions of people impacted by this broken justice system, and I wanted to put faces to these numbers and statistics. There are a lot of people who deserve a second chance, but many do not have the resources to make it happen. I want to help elevate these cases to a national level to effect change,” says Kardashian West of her efforts. 

Kardashian West receives and reviews letters from incarcerated subjects seeking help. For the documentary, Kardashian West narrows her sights on four cases. This includes Alex Martin, David Sheppard, Dawn Jackson, and Momolu Stewart. 

The Case That Started It All

USA TODAY covers the case that starts Kardashian West’s rise to the face of criminal justice reform. The case involves Alice Marie Johnson. She’s a grandmother and a non-violent drug offender. Kardashian West found Johnson’s story on Twitter. Ultimately, Kardashian West was able to meet with President Trump.

Johnson was successful at FedEx prior to a gambling addiction. This eventually leads to her incarceration. Johnson said, “Every day, I grappled with the cold reality that one day- since I had a life sentence- someone might eventually help me die in [the] prison as well.”

Four New Cases

In a ET Online report, there are brief biographies of the four new cases from Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Program. 

Alex Martin was 15 years old at the time of the crime. She was sentenced to a 21 year minimum for aggravated murder. Martin tells Kardashian West that she was abused as a child and mixed up with a drug dealer that raped her. 

David Sheppard is convicted of second-degree felony murder from 1992. This case stems from the 1992 shooting death of a pharmacy owner. Sheppard was not the shooter, however, he was sentenced to more time in prison than the killer.

Kardashian West says, “I got chills. I cried reading it. And I got the sense that she had had it and was crying out for help,” when discussing Dawn Jackson’s case. Jackson is serving 21 years of a mandatory 30-year sentence, and it’s for stabbing a man to death. Sadly, the man was her step-grandfather. He repeatedly raped and abused her since she was five. 

“Kim and cut50 have done a good job working together to find cases that really highlight the need for the change and then follow up with policies that will enact that change on a broader scale,” says Jackson. 

In Washington, D.C., Kardashian West meets with Momolu Stewart. At the time of the crime, Stewart is a teenager. Judicial proceedings convict Stewart of first-degree murder in 1997. 

Of course, there are more details to come out, and you can see it all in the documentary. For more information on these cases and The Justice Project, tune into Oxygen for the two-hour documentary Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project. Kardashian West also wants to help Making a Murderer subject Brendan Dassey

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