Duggar: Jill Dillard And Amy King Are Besties Amid Family Drama

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Over the past few months, Duggar fans have seen Jill Dillard drift away from her family. Things have been rocky between them for a while, but more of the details have become public, thanks to Derick Dillard. Derick has revealed some information about Jill’s relationship with her parents. And, it doesn’t look good. He even talked with Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball on YouTube, giving more insight.

This drama has caused Duggar fans to worry about Jill. She’s limited on how often she can see her sisters, and she can only hang out at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home if she has Jim Bob’s permission. Fans think it’s really sad that Jill can’t see her sisters as she pleases. So, who does Jill have to rely on?

Jill and cousin Amy King are best friends

Duggar fans may remember Amy King from the family’s TV shows. She made appearances from time to time. Now, she’s married and has one child. It seems that Jill and Amy are very close, and fans are happy that they have each other. As Jill deals with family drama and everything going on with her parents, fans assume Amy is a big help.

Over the past couple years, fans have seen a lot of Amy and Jill together. Jill sometimes promotes Amy’s clothing boutique by sharing outfits on her Instagram account. Jill has also modeled at the boutique. Just recently, while practicing social-distancing, Jill and Derick drove by Amy’s house. They stopped in the driveway for a minute to say hi.


Amy encourages Derick to speak out about the Duggar family

As mentioned, Derick often talks about Jill’s family and what’s going on between them. He even plans on writing a tell-all book about the family. While many of Jill and Derick’s social media followers applaud him, so does Amy. At one point, Amy told Derick to “keep it up,” as he tells more about the family.

When Jill and Amy share on social media, they often leave comments on each other’s posts. Duggar fans think this is a small hint that they support each other. As mentioned, this likely helps Jill to feel less alone as she is limited on how often she can see her family. Derick also says that Jill is in counseling to work through some of the issues.

So, are you glad Jill has Amy to count on? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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