‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber, Kelley Flanagan Continue TikToks, Hannah Ann Sluss Throws More Shade

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber via Instagram

Bachelor Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan continue to spark speculation they are dating. They keep doing TikTok’s together. Peter and Kelley have been quarantining together along with Dustin Kendrick in her Chicago apartment. Now, Peter’s latest TikTok is getting some attention from his ex, Hannah Ann Sluss.


Peter and Kelley’s TikTok’s

The trio’s latest TikTok shows them acting out the introduction of the hit sitcom Full House. Us Weekly shared the details of their entertaining skit. Lately, Peter has been going to Instagram to share magic trick and illusions with his followers. So, this is what he did for his part in the skit.

Since Clay Harbor and Dustin Kendrick have discussed Peter and Kelley being together, they are much less secretive. Now, they are just trying to have fun. And, while they know they have nothing on the quarantine crew with Tyler Cameron and his crew, they just want to have a good time.   In fact, Tyler and Peter have both agreed to a TikTok dance challenge to raise money for COVID-19. This comes after Tyler was tweeting out that Dustin needs to get Peter’s phone and delete the TikTok app.

Hannah Ann Sluss is still throwing shade at her ex

Hannah Ann is still retweeting comments that shade her ex. One Twitter user said, “Imagine how satisfied Hannah Ann must be to see her ex doing magic on Instagram.” Then another said, “HAHAHA she’s like BYE BITCH see ya never, THE QUEEN @HannahannSluss WON!!!!”

Hannah hasn’t missed a beat in letting the world know exactly what she thinks of Peter. In an interview just after their breakup became common knowledge she spoke out. She said, “He speaks half-truths. While I’m watching this season I’m like, ‘Oh OK, that makes a lot more sense. Why we broke up makes a whole lot more sense because he couldn’t really own up to the fact of how he was truly feeling.’”

She also said that she wasn’t really too surprised to see the photos surface of Peter and Kelley. Hannah Ann said, “I mean, I’ve moved on, Peter’s moved on — we’re both able to do what we want. Also, in regards to Kelley, I met her through the show. We were friends and we were dating the same guy, so me seeing her with someone that I had dated, it doesn’t really make me as upset if it wasn’t for any other circumstance.”

Peter and Kelley have not yet spoken about directly about their speculated relationship.

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