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‘Bachelorette’ Alum Dustin Kendrick Confirms Quarantine With Peter Weber And Kelley Flanagan

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Everyone wants to know what is going on between Bachelor Peter Weber and season contestant Kelley Flanagan. She ended up going home just before hometown dates took place during his season. Now, it looks as if the two may have rekindled their romance. Plus, there seems to be confirmation of Peter and Kelley’s relationship from other Bachelorette alums.

Peter and Kelley outed by a few alums

US Weekly shared news of the confirmations that Peter and Kelley have definitely been hanging out more. In fact, Bachelorette alum Dustin Kendrick says the two have been quarantining together. Dustin has been quarantining with them so he would know what is going on between the two. He also accompanied Peter and Kelley when they got busted and photographed on the Riverwalk in Chicago.

Dustin goes on to say Peter, Kelley and himself have been quarantining in her Chicago apartment for about two weeks. He said, “It’s just the three of us staying at Kelley’s apartment. We’ve just been chilling, making TikTok videos, trying to stay out of trouble with people.” Dustin continued, “There’s not much else you can do other than entertain yourself and make a funny video. We’re not trying to be compared to The Quarantine Crew [with Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron] — they’re clearly legendary. We’re just trying to keep ourselves sane as well, like everyone else is.”

Dustin finished up saying, “I’m going to be here [quarantining with Peter and Kelley] until the very end. Hopefully, this will be over at the end of the month, so, we’ll just see how it goes. Hopefully, we all stay together through this time.”

What else did Dustin have to say

Dustin also said that Kelley is an amazing cook. He said she has cooked for him and Peter almost every night. He said she is very talented in the kitchen.

Dustin admitted fault to Peter and Kelley being photographed on the Riverwalk. He said, “We had been in the house for a while and we had that nice day in Chicago. That’s the day that everything kind of came out. They wanted to stay inside and I feel bad, because I forced them out. Peter hadn’t been in Chicago in years and I wanted to show him the River Walk and the Lakeview Path. I thought it was gonna be good for us to get out of the house and go for a walk.”

That outing led to fans going crazy thinking Peter and Kelley are giving their love a go. And next he seemed to kind of confirm they are together without actually confirming it. He said, “I think it’s fair for them to come out and say what they want to say, but the only thing I can say is that they look really cute together and their interactions are really cute as well. That’s all I can say on that and I’m sure you’ll be possibly hearing stuff in the future from them, but I’ll let them say that.”

Peter and Kelley will hopefully speak out soon

So now  fans just have to wait and see when Kelley and Peter are ready to address their speculated romance. Everyone knows Peter’s family is definitely on board with him dating the hot attorney from Chicago. His mom has said Kelley has always been her favorite. Perhaps Peter and Kelley will be ready to spill the beans themselves soon. After all he did tag her in a recent Instagram post that also sent fans into a frenzy. Plus, Bachelorette alum Clay Harbor has also confirmed they are dating. Come on Peter and Kelley, throw us another bone and fess up! Stay tuned for more information as it surfaces.

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