Tyler Cameron Shares An Update On Gigi Hadid And Hannah Brown

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Tyler Cameron has done a lot of dating in the past year alone. His love life is kind of dizzying for those who don’t keep up with him. He recently dished on some of his famous ex-girlfriends. The Bachelorette alum has been spotted spending a lot of time with Hannah Brown these days. It’s clear that the two are on good terms.

But how does Tyler Cameron feel about Gigi Hadid? And where do they stand today? Bachelor Nation wanted to know, and Tyler provided the answers. The model shared his thoughts on some of the gorgeous women he dated.

Talks about where he stands with ex Gigi Hadid

E! News found a TikTok video shared by a fan. Earlier this week, Tyler crashed a Zoom party and talked about the women in his life. One of the fans recorded the conversation and uploaded it to a TikTok account.

The video shows Tyler Cameron talking about how he really feels about some of his famous exes. Tyler did not hold back on his feelings about Gigi Hadid.

“She’s a good friend,” he admitted. He added that she’s a “good girl.”


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“She’s dating her old man now,” he said. He was clearly talking about her on-and-off boyfriend, Zayn Malik.

Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron started dating the summer of 2018 after he ended his relationship with Hannah Brown. The couple reportedly dated for two months before ending things in the fall. It seemed like a summer fling rather than a serious relationship. As for Tyler and Hannah, there could be something more between them. Even if they’re just good friends right now.

Tyler Cameron finally revealed if he’s dating Hannah Brown

He also addressed his relationship status with Hannah Brown. The two have been spending a lot of time together in Florida lately. TV Shows Ace reported that Hannah drove back to her home in Alabama because she wants to be with her family. Tyler is in the sunshine state with The Quarantine Crew.

Also, in the video, Tyler called Hannah “a good friend,” which makes it sound like their relationship is just platonic. But their relationship looked less than platonic in the series of videos and photos of them together. The two were attached for much of the month of March. Rumors swirled that Hannah and Tyler even slept in the same bed together, which means it’s likely their relationship is romantic.


However, sources told Us Weekly that the two are just “great friends” who “have a lot of fun together.” They just found the perfect time in their schedules to finally get together. It’s also likely that they will revisit their relationship in the near future.

What are your thoughts on what Tyler Cameron said about Gigi Hadid and Hannah Brown? Do you believe that Tyler and Hannah are a couple? Sound off below in the comments section.

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