Kendra Duggar Shares A Cute Photo Of Herself And Addison

Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram

Joe and Kendra Duggar shared a new picture on Instagram Thursday. The picture features Kendra and the couple’s five-month-old daughter Addison. Joe and Kendra also have a two-year-old son Garrett. Joe and Garrett aren’t in the new photo the family shared.

In the picture, Kendra and Addison are outdoors. They might be outside their house or at the park. Addison is wearing a pink polka dot dress and has a bow on her head. Both Kendra and Addison have big smiles on their faces.

Along with sharing the picture, Kendra writes, “This sweet girl is 5 months💜She lights up our world we are so blessed!

Lauren Duggar commented on the post and said, “Y’all are the cutest! 💞” Kendra’s other followers also commented and shared sweet messages. They think the mom and daughter duo is adorable. And, they can’t believe how big Addison is getting. One comment reads, “Wow she is your twin!! So cute!” Someone else says, “She’s going to have her mother’s beautiful smile!”

Lots of other fans are leaving positive comments in the comments section. They love Addison’s dress and her bracelet too. They think she’s a beautiful baby girl.

It seems like Joe and Kendra are a favorite couple. Fans really like the two of them together. Fans also seem to think they’re the happiest out of all the couples in the family.

Joe and Kendra Duggar don’t post on Instagram often

As TV Shows Ace reports, Joe and Kendra don’t share on Instagram a lot. They post the occasional picture or video of their kids. But, it seems that they don’t post due to the backlash they tend to receive. Whenever Joe and Kendra share a new photo or video, fans leave comments shaming them. They don’t seem to agree with how Joe and Kendra parent their kids.

When they share on social media, fans leave positive comments. But, sometimes the negative comments overpower the positive ones.

In one video, Garrett is zipping Addison’s carseat cover. Fans grew concerned that he’d zip her cheeks up. In another video, Garrett’s shoes are untied. The comments section is full of negative comments about Garrett’s safety. So, it makes sense why they choose not to share on social media. So far, in the latest picture, fans aren’t leaving negative comments. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

So, what do you think of the new picture of Kendra and Addison? Do you love Joe and Kendra’s little family? Leave a comment below.

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