Duggar Fans Say Kendra Looks Amazing In New Photo

Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram

On Thursday, Joe and Kendra Duggar shared a new picture on their shared Instagram account. In the picture, Kendra is smiling with their five-month-old daughter Addison. The post is about Addison and how she lights up her family’s world. In the post, Kendra shares that Addison is now five months old. While fans are gushing over sweet baby Addison, they noticed something different about Kendra.

Fans are commenting and saying that Kendra looks amazing. One says, “And you look pretty Kendra💕.” Someone else writes, “You have the most beautiful smile kendra!!” Another says, “Kendra you look amazing!”

Another Duggar fan left a very sweet message dedicated to Kendra. The fan wrote, “You look so happy and are thriving. So glad you’re taking to motherhood so well. It suits you and your babies are precious and happy. God bless💞” Some of Kendra’s followers also pointed out that she looks a lot like her mom.

Plenty of other positive comments were left on the new photo. This come as a surprise, because Joe and Kendra often receive negative comments on the photos they share. Fans think it’s nice to see a positive comments section now instead of seeing all of the criticism the couple sometimes receives.

It seems like Duggar fans are loving the new picture. They love both Kendra and Addison, and they hope to see more pictures of them soon.


Duggar fans think Kendra lost weight

Several fans are pointing out that Kendra’s face looks slimmer. They don’t think it looks as round as it used to. One Instagram user writes, “Wow Kendra you look amazing 😍 are u losing weight? 🔥🔥” Another says, “@littleduggarfamily You look like you lost weight.”

It’s possible that Kendra has lost some weight after giving birth to Addison in November. Since Joe and Kendra don’t often share new pictures on Instagram, it’s hard to know whether Kendra has really changed. Plus, we see more pictures of her kids than we see of her.

Kendra didn’t specifically share that she’s lost weight or that she’s been trying to. There’s no way to know for sure unless she says it herself. So, Duggar fans aren’t totally sure if Kendra lost weight. But, they can agree that she looks great in the new picture. Both she and Addison seem happy to be enjoying some time outdoors.

So, do you think Kendra looks great in the new photo? Do you like this new mom and daughter picture? Leave a comment below.

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