Duggar: Jinger Reminds Fans To Stay In Touch During COVID-19 With Cute Photo Of Felicity

Duggar Jingers daughter Felicity

Duggar fans know that messages about faith and hope for the coronavirus epidemic come from various members of the family. But in Arkansas, they don’t really seem serious about social distancing. However, far away in LA, Jeremy and Jinger seem more serious about it. Now, possibly Jinger’s latest virus reminder gets the most attention. She reminded people to stay in touch with their families, and the photo of Felicity’s super-cute.

Duggar – mixed messages about coronavirus come from family members

Like many other reality TV stars, the Duggar family spoke out about the coronavirus. Some of them shared about it on Instagram. But, in real life, they seem rather lax about applying social distancing to themselves. However, in Los Angeles, at least Jinger and Jeremy seem to take it more seriously. TV Shows Ace reported that despite the dangers of the illness, Jana and some siblings continue with assisting in the post-Jonesboro, Arkansas tornado damage. Some fans grew concerned as not everyone in her photos wears a mask and maintains proper distancing.

Jana commented, “Social distancing is a real thing, but so is tornado relief.” Duggar fans get that but worry they might take the virus to the rest of their extended family. And, it looks like they don’t seem all that concerned about it. We also reported that the family got together for family time. This happened despite social distancing guidance. Not only that, but it looked like friends also went to their place. Anna posted about it on Instagram saying they got together for “Family night!” She added, “We are trying out filters.” So, it looks part of the family isn’t trying very hard. But thankfully, fans know Jinger’s trying her best.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo far away from feeble social-distancing in the Arkansas family

Jinger already told fans on her Instagram that they are at home right now. It seems they might be relatively scarce in the family in that regard. One of her current pictures revealed little Felicity “talking” on a good old-fashioned cord telephone. She captioned it with, “Our little social butterfly always loves a good chat with a friend. 💖.” Then she talked about social distancing. Jinger noted “let’s not forget to pick up the phone and call a loved one. 🤗”

Duggar fans know that Jinger and her family live in LA, far away from Arkansas and they seemed happy about the coronavirus reminder to stay in touch with loved ones. One fan said, “So true pick up the phone…I haven’t seen my mama and daddy for 2 weeks…but at least I know they’re safe in their houses…the phone has been a blessing…just hearing their voices makes me feel safe…💕 can’t wait til I can give them the biggest hug…💜” Another fan noted, “I was just saying the same thing today.”


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