‘Counting On’ Are Joseph And Kendra The Happiest Duggar Couple?

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Counting On fans have started questioning just how real the Duggar children’s relationships are? Are any of them are truly happy?

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, the consensus is that Joe and Kendra Duggar are the happiest of all the couples.

As we all know the Duggar family does things differently than most American families. The Duggar kids tend to get married very young and only to people who either belong to the family’s church or share similar religious values.

Joe and Kendra’s story

Joe first met Kendra’s family in 2012 after visiting their church. Then in 2015, Joe’s family joined Lighthouse Baptist Church, where Kendra’s father is a pastor. And it wasn’t until a few more years that Joe noticed and became interested in Kendra.

Joe and Kendra started talking frequently, which then lead to Joe asking her parents if he could enter into a courtship with her. In March 2017, the two officially started courting.

Joe and Kendra only dated for a couple of months before he proposed. This, of course, is the norm within the Duggar family. Joe proposed in May 2017, and they were married by September that same year. Duggars waste no time when it comes to marriage. They must be wedding planning pros by now! Maybe they should open their own wedding planning family side gig.

The couple also didn’t waste any time starting a family either. Apparently, Kendra became pregnant on her wedding night, (Ah my worst nightmare!) and baby Garrett was born in June 2018. Their second child, Addison, was born in November 2019. The pair has certainly been busy!


Fans think these two are the happiest couple

Counting On fans recently took to Reddit to try to guess which Duggar couples have the happiest marriage. Joe and Kendra took first place with a nearly unanimous vote.

One fan wrote, “Two dunderheads in love. Blissful ignorance. Naturally more upbeat people.” While another added, “Joe and Kendra are probably the happiest.” Finally, a third user said the two “have good chemistry.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the consensus was that Josiah and Lauren Duggar are the unhappiest couple. Fans are just not convinced the pair has any real chemistry. Others suggested that Josh and Anna are unhappy as well, which makes sense due to all of the scandals surrounding Josh.

Let’s not forget that all of these comments are merely the opinions of fans, and nothing about any Duggar relationship can be confirmed.

But, be sure to tell us who you think is the happiest and unhappiest Duggar couples in the comments below!

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