‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Season 8 Teaser Drops, Watch Video

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USA recently treated Chrisley Knows Best fans to a Season 8 trailer teaser.  Unfortunately, Season 8 of your favorite reality TV series family still doesn’t have a premiere date. Just that the new season is “coming soon.” As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, fans do expect the release date to happen sometime during the year 2020.

Check out the Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Trailer Teaser

Just a few hours ago fans of the reality TV series were issued a real treat! A very short trailer teaser for Season 8 of Chrisley Knows Best dropped on the official Facebook page (as well as other social media platforms).

“The Chrisleys are not basic b*tches,” Todd Chrisley declares during the first few minutes of the clip.

The clip shifts to Todd calling attention to Nanny Faye who seems to have recently had some work done on her eyebrows. Todd pulls his mother’s bangs back to show his wife. Fans can hear horror and shock in his voice. Julie, however, finds the whole thing hilarious.


As the short trailer continues, fans also watch as several members of the loving family embrace each other. Can we expect a lot of love and warmth during Season 8?

The 15 second trailer teaser of Season 8 comes to a close with Julie calling her husband “evil.” Todd is happy to confirm he is, in fact, an “evil genius.”

Fans flooded the comments with excitement and joy.

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreading across the world right now, most have nothing better to do but stay home. So, despite the video dropping onto the Facebook profile a little late in the evening, fans were here for it. Viewed over 30,000 times on Facebook inside of a couple hours, the video accumulated over 300 comments. Fans also shared it over 250 times.

Here’s what some very excited fans had to say about the latest Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 teaser:

  • “Lovvvve this show! Todd you are hysterical! Nanny Faye is so funny, you go girl! Love the way Chase takes care of his Nanny’s adventures. You guys make me laugh. Can wait for the new episodes. Stay safe and God Bless”
  • “So excited can hardly wait. Just might watch repeats to lift my spirits until the new season. Love this family.”
  • “When???? I am dying… especially being in this crazy time and isolation we need so Chrisley Knows Best for upbeat laughter!!!”

Unsurprisingly, fans were thrilled to learn Chrisley Knows Best would soon return with new episodes. Many, however, begged and pleaded for more information on when the new episodes would arrive.


For now, fans of the series can rest easy knowing that Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 is “coming soon.”

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