Why Don’t Joe And Kendra Duggar Post On Instagram?

Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram

Some of the Duggar kids tend to post more on social media than others. A few of them, including Jessa Seewald and Joy-Anna Forsyth, even use YouTube. But, some of the other kids are less active on social media. For example, Joe and Kendra Duggar rarely share updates about their two kids, Garrett, 1, and Addison, 4 months.

Their most recent post was on March 9. Before that, they posted on February 13. This has gotten some Duggar fans wondering why the couple doesn’t post very often. There are a couple reasons Joe and Kendra might not post. Or, they may not care about social media enough to do so.

Joe and Kendra Duggar get parent-shamed

On Joe and Kendra’s two most recent Instagram posts, they got parent-shamed. After seeing their recent pictures and videos, Duggar fans weighed in on how they think Joe and Kendra should be raising their children. And, they pointed out that Joe and Kendra are doing something wrong. Tons of negative comments came in with concerns about the kids’ safety.

So, this could be why Joe and Kendra choose not to post. Why would they share new pictures or videos of the kids if they’re going to get criticized for their every move?

On a recent post, a Duggar fan pointed this out and said, “No wonder they don’t post a lot… as soon as they do, people pounce on any imperfection… Joe and Kendra, y’all are wonderful parents who are enjoying your kids and having a nice time at the park. I hope these comments didn’t overshadow the fun memories you made today.


Joe and Kendra are busy raising two young kids

Joe and Kendra’s two kids are very close in age. Garrett was born in June 2018 and Addison was born in November 2019. Since they’re so close in age, Joe and Kendra have got to be busy. They have a lot to keep up with while taking care of their home and two young kids. So, maybe posting on social media is the least of their concerns. Maybe they will share more photos of their children as they get older.

Some Duggar fans wish they would post more often

As mentioned, Joe and Kendra sometimes receive nasty comments on social media. This is likely discouraging them from sharing very much on Instagram. They’re often put down by their followers.


But, not all of the comments they receive are negative. Some Duggar fans are hopeful that the couple will start posting more pictures of their kids. Fans think that Garrett and Addison are adorable, so they want to see more updates about them. And, they don’t see anything wrong with how Joe and Kendra are raising their kids.

Why do you think that Joe and Kendra don’t post on social media? Do you wish they would share more? Leave a comment below.

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