‘Sister Wives’: Fans Lose Patience With This Season’s Endless Home Arguments

Sister Wives Kody Brown

Sister Wives’ current season continues the saga of the Brown family moving to Flagstaff from Las Vegas. Fans saw Kody deliver his long speech about his giant dream home. Most of the wives hate the idea. Now they live in separate homes, and the whole season seems to be about arguing over whether to rent or buy and where. And, fans become increasingly irritated with those incessant bickering scenes.

Sister Wives’ big home brought an aggressive stance from Kody Brown

All the wives, apart from Janelle, saw Kody react to their ideas on opposing the big home in a nasty way. Actually, fans of the TLC show called him out for his attitude. For once, fans saw Kody yell at Robyn, long believed to be his favorite wife. He went on at Robyn so long, fans recall that her daughter ended up having a serious panic attack. When Kody made the decision to buy a new home for Robyn, she felt she should explain that it was never her idea.

When fans eventually got through to Kody on Twitter, he said, “My sweet ladies don’t understand that when a warrior goes to war, Mr Nice Guy exits.” Then he described how “this situation feels like ‘war’!” The Sister Wives patriarch admitted he could have been a bit kinder, but justified it because of the stress. Well, that got him even more criticism for his impulsive move in the first place. But it seems more and more, fans grow impatient with the season.

Fans irritated and annoyed with the current season

On Sunday, fans griped about the show. Fed up, one said, “The show tonight was so boring. Yeah. Everyone moves. We’ve all done it. And it’s not the least bit entertaining to watch. They should of spent the whole season on Meri & Kody’s issues. He is already taking no responsibility for how he treats her.” Then, another one chipped in with, “WTF is this show about!? I’ve only seen 3 episodes and all I have seen is moving and arguing!!!”

But the women on Sister Wives also get their share of complaints from viewers. One noted, “All these damn women do is complain. #SisterWives. Why do they keep moving & where does all this money come from? Cody is annoying.” Then, Robyn got stabbed a few times. This follower noted, “Robin needs to get a grip. She is so fortunate just to be able to rent on a whim. The audacity of whining about the ability to buy a house. Practice gratitude.”


What do you think about fans of Sister Wives becoming disgruntled and unhappy with the current season of the show? Do you think this time around most of the Brown family members are plain annoying and toxic? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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