Duggar Fans Love Jessa Seewald’s Latest Idea

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Jessa Duggar Seewald always seems to be doing something creative. On her YouTube channel, she shares what she’s up to. She showed her followers how she cuts her kids’ hair. She recently shared one of her favorite recipes. And, in another video, she shared how she refinished a changing table.

Fans of her family are pretty impressed with her skills. And, they’re even more blown away by the fact that she finds time for these things. After all, she has three young children. Spurgeon is 4, Henry is 3, and Ivy is 10 months old.

Duggar fans love Jessa’s new idea

On Monday, Jessa shared something new on her YouTube channel. She also posted about it on Instagram and directed her Instagram followers to her YouTube channel to see more.

On YouTube, Jessa says, “Can’t go to the playground? Bring the playground to you. This climbing dome was a great find on Amazon Prime. The kids had fun helping me assemble it, and it’s been a big hit! This thing is built to last, so I’m sure we’ll get lots of use out of it for years to come. ❤️


This time, Jessa and Ben got their kids a new piece of playground equipment for the backyard. In her YouTube video, Jessa builds the climbing dome. Spurgeon and Henry even help out by bringing her the pieces she needs from the box. At the end, Jessa and Spurgeon cheer excitedly. And, Spurgeon starts climbing right away. He climbs to the top and says, “I can see everything!” He also says that he’s a monkey.

At the end of the video, Henry wakes up from his nap and gives the climbing dome a try with his big brother. Ben even helps Ivy climb. The kids seem to love it.

Duggar fans love the new video too. A YouTube viewer wrote, “You’re a wonderful momma Jessa.” Someone else wrote, “Great to see another video from Jessa, luv how she involves her kids to help..

Another YouTube viewer also applauded Jessa for her hard work, saying, “What a woman, puts together a jungle gym with 3 toddlers. Props.”

Ben and Jessa have been social-distancing with their kids

Due to the coronavirus, lots of people are staying at home. This is what’s supposed to be preventing the virus from spreading. So, Ben and Jessa have decided to do their part.

While they’ve been staying home, they’ve been sharing about their family time. From their social media accounts, it looks like they’re spending a lot of time outside together. They’re enjoying the warm weather and getting to spend so much time together.

In an Instagram comment, Jessa revealed that she and Ben aren’t seeing the Duggar family right now. They’re staying away from Jessa’s parents’ home and the rest of the family. This is hard for Jessa and Ben’s kids to understand, but it’s for the best to keep everyone healthy.

What do you think of Jessa’s latest idea? Share your thoughts below.

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