Dean Unglert Throws Shade At Kelley Flanagan Of ‘The Bachelor’

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Kelley Flanagan had an interesting run on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Peter and Kelley knew each other from before the show. They met and hung out when they stayed in the same hotel. When Peter met her, he asked her to come on the show. Kelley is one of the more mature contestants on Peter’s season. And, the two had a lot of chemistry. Kelley did want a relationship with Peter, but the show didn’t really make her feel comfortable. She wanted an adult relationship and all the drama didn’t sit well with her. In the end she went home before Peter arrived at his final three.

A lot of people thought it strange she showed up for the finale. Kelley also friended Peter’s parents on social media, according to one observant fan. A lot of questions have yet to be answered. Fans found themselves wrapped up in Peter getting engaged to Hannah while still being in love with Madison. Also, he reached out to Hannah Brown for closure, so it was clear he didn’t know what he wanted. He may not know what he wants now either.

Why Did Dean Unglert Shade Kelley Flanagan?

A photo showed Kelley Flanagan in Chicago with Peter Weber, according to The Cheat Sheet. Brett Vergara posted pictures of himself carrying her and captioned it, “this is not social distancing.”

The reason Dean Unglert is commenting about this is because he’d been pleased to see her in a picture with Nick Viall. Nick and Kelley were at an event and he captioned it, “she’s not with Peter.” Dean apparently shipped this because he commented, “OMG DATE.”

Viall posted another photo of them together with the picture of Kelley and Weber captioning it, “I stand corrected.” Dean Unglert took back his comment. He said, “I rescind my ‘omg date’ comment. You deserve better.” Ouch.

Did Hannah Ann Sluss Have Anything To Say?

Hannah Ann and Kelley Flanagan are friends, supposedly. Sean Hayes asked her about their relationship when Sluss went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and he was filling in as the host. She said, “Kelley’s one of my good friends. I don’t know. I’m definitely going to be calling her today trying to figure that out.”

Fans will continue to keep up with Kelley’s love life. If Peter and Kelley reconnected after he broke off his engagement, then it seems Madison was just thrown in for drama. It would explain why Kelley was at the finale, something no one understood at the time. Time will tell if those two are together or just trolling fans like Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron.

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