Adam Busby And Danielle Announce They Joined TikTok

Adam Busby

Adam Busby and Danielle spend their coronavirus social-distancing making new clips for their It’s A Buzz World Channel on YouTube. Adam told his fans they can expect more content. That made bored fans who stay home quite excited. Plus, it’s a great filler while they wait for a new season of OutDaughtered on TLC. Now, they went onto their Instagram to announce they also finally caved in and decided to join TikTok.

Adam Busby, Danielle and the kids on TikTok

Taking to his Instagram on the weekend, Adam shared a small clip of the kids in the swimming pool. He and Danielle made the announcement that they finally joined TikTok. Then, the kids all started chanting about being on TikTok. Naturally, Adam’s fans who follow the family on OutDaughtered reacted with joy. Here’s what some of them said to Adam Busby and Danielle:

  • “Ahhhh yay!!! I cannot wait for this.”
  • “Yayyyyy!!!!! My heart is so happy! Just be careful.”
  • “I finally got off of TikTok and then came her and I was like.. back on TikTok!”
  • “we want ava doing the renegade and we want it now!”
  • “I would love to see that!! I love y’alls family…Dale is a trip!!”
  • “Well guess it’s time to get the app again.”
  • “So cute and that’s great!! ☺️🤗💕 I followed you guys.”

One of the first people to respond to the news about TikTok was Adam Busby’s brother-in-law, Uncle Dale. He posted, “Buzz I challenge you to a dance face off!”

Fans hope Adam still posts on Instagram. One fan, who can’t access TikTok asked if Adam still plans on posting clips on his Instagram. Adam replied, “Of Course!” So if you don’t have TikTok you can still follow the Busby family there.

Adam promised more content for It’s A Buzz World on YouTube

TV Shows Ace reported that Adam Busby promised more content and you’ll also find that on their YouTube Vlog. Since our article on March 23, Adam posted a video that covered Valentine’s Day 2020. It showed the kids talking about their new school and being in separate classrooms. Then, they all went into the store to do some shopping. The girls all went off to choose something to take to class.

Adam Busby and Danielle patiently went through tattoos and stickers, but the girls seemed rather more interested in the boxes with Candy. Danielle explained to Riley that the things they buy are gifts for their school friends. That made Riley a bit huffy! Even when Adam explained her friends would give her stuff, she cried. Oh, poor Riley seemed to think life’s so unfair! Anyway, there’s plenty more up on YouTube to keep OutDaughtered fans amused.

Now they’re on TikTok, are you excited that you can follow Adam Busby, Danielle and the kids on that platform as well? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about Adam Busby and the rest of the cast on TLC’s OutDaughtered. 

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