Savannah Chrisley Offers Live Indoor Workouts During Coronavirus Lockdown

Savannah Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley got so concerned about the tornadoes and the Coronavirus that she took time away from her Instagram to deal with her anxiety. Now, she seems in a better place. She shared online that she plans a live workout. Fans love that as they can follow along and they don’t need any gym equipment.

Savannah Chrisley saw her therapist over Coronavirus anxiety

TV Shows Ace reported that Savannah admits she’s the worrier in her family. A bit like her dad… She stresses about her family and other people. She went on Instagram a week ago and admitted she got overwhelmed with concern for everyone. After all, the Tennessee Tornadoes ripped people’s lives apart. Then the Coronavirus epidemic grew to huge proportions. She explained how she worries so much, writing, “What will tomorrow look like? Will everyone be ok? How will our economy recovery? What about everyone’s livelihood?”

However, Savannah Chrisley seemed much better after talking to her therapist. So, she chose to be “optimistic,” and put her faith in God. Now, she reaches out to help people stuck at home who grow concerned about sitting around too much. Many fans sound happy that Savannah’s in a better place now and putting out some inspiration, practical application, and positivity during these troubling times. In her post, she explained about going live with workout routines.

Live workout routines with Savannah

On Friday, Savannah noted that she’ll go live with Ashley Borden. Her post said, “JOIN US TOMORROW on IG LIVE for a 45 min at home workout! No equipment needed!” Savannah noted that self-quarantine and social distancing make her feel a bit crazy, but workouts help a lot. She also pointed out that “great physical health means great mental health!” Naturally, loads of fans love the idea of a workout at home right now.

Savannah Chrisley fans expressed their thoughts about it on her post. One noted, “I will be here. I need to do some exercise so I do not gain weight due to the lack of activity. Thank you for this excellent idea!!!”

Then another one said, “I really need this, I so miss my gym time!” One fan asked if it would be “free.”

Ashley Borden replied saying, ” yes on IG LIVE.” So, tune in and don’t worry about paying anything. It’s not clear how many lives take place, but hopefully more will follow.

This session takes place Saturday at 9.30 am PST, or 11.30 am Central Time. Do you think it’s a great idea to work out in your home with Savannah Chrisley? Are you happy that she seems mentally in a better place with the Coronavirus epidemic? Sound off your thoughts int he comments below.

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