Why Hannah Ann Sluss May Not Be Over Peter Weber

hannah ann sluss and peter weber

Hannah Ann Sluss removed all traces of her ex-boyfriend Peter Weber from her social media. But don’t let her fool you. It doesn’t look like she’s over their relationship just yet. The Bachelor alum just wants to make it look like that.

The 23-year-old has been doing her best to move on with her life. Literally. She moved to Los Angeles and has been dating around. Hannah Ann is trying her best to keep up with appearances. But her social media moves reveal a different story. Here are some possibilities why Hannah Ann hasn’t moved on yet.

Bachelor contestant has trouble moving on

Hannah Ann Sluss posted this photo of herself sitting on top of a moving box on Instagram. In her caption, she wrote about forgiveness. But does she really forgive Peter for what he did? He broke off their engagement after he realized that he still had feelings for Madison Prewett, who willingly left the show on her own. It may appear that Hannah Ann has trouble moving on, and she’s still reflecting on their relationship.

“Forgiveness Moves You Forward – When we are hurting, it’s easy to believe the lie that holding resentment is our only and best option,” Hannah Ann wrote in the Instagram caption. “Forgiveness is a choice, and most often times, a daily choice.”


Hannah Ann added that she’s only putting her trust in God these days. She also encouraged her followers to place their trust in God as well. Even though she didn’t write his name, it’s clear she was hinting about her relationship with Peter.

Hannah Ann Sluss has been “liking” interesting tweets about Peter

Even though the entire Bachelor franchise is on hold, Peter’s season of The Bachelor continues to provide drama outside of television. The drama has helped keep Bachelor Nation occupied as they social-distance at home. Peter has been spotted with contestant Kelley Flanagan. Meanwhile, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have been making the rumor mill buzz.

Shortly after TMZ posted those photos of Peter hanging out with Kelley in Chicago, Hannah Ann started “liking” some interesting tweets.

One of the tweets that she “liked” read: “Raise hands if you knew Peter was a f***boi and are not surprised Peter’s now hooking up with a third woman from his season after it ended.”

These tweets show Hannah Ann’s disappointment with Peter. Twitter isn’t the only place where she’s shown her contempt over the Bachelor. Over on Instagram, Hannah Ann has been dissing Peter left and right.

She threw shade at her relationship at Peter

As per Cosmopolitan, Hannah Ann made a shady reference in regards to her and Peter’s breakup. Her latest Instagram post hinted about trust in relationship. Bachelor Nation felt it had something do with her famous ex. Hannah Ann shared this beautiful photo of herself enjoying the spring sunshine with the quote, “Trusting can be really difficult but without it, connectivity and relationships suffer.”


While she didn’t call out Peter, it’s obvious that the post was about him. Hannah Ann is making sure that Peter feels guilty about what he lost out on. Of course, this isn’t the first time that she shaded him on Instagram.

Following The Bachelor Season 24 finale, she revealed that she’s single while posing as an aviator.

“Flyin’ solo…no turbulence accepted. PERIOD,” Hannah Ann wrote in the caption, poking fun at Pilot Pete’s expense.


What are your thoughts? Do you think Hannah Ann Sluss is truly over Peter Weber? Sound off below in the comments section.

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