Bates vs Duggars: Which Family Has More Failed Courtships?

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Ever wondered who had the most failed courtships in a battle of the Bates family versus the Duggar family? Well, so did we. Fortunately for you… We decided to do a little digging. Here’s what we’ve been able to uncover about Duggar courtship failures versus Bates.

The courtships of the families.

The Duggars and the Bates are similar in a lot of ways. They are also different. One big thing they have in common, however, is courtships. In the grand scheme of things… A courtship is no different than a traditional relationship. What does this mean? Well, it means that courtships don’t always work out. Sometimes, people just realize they aren’t right for each other. Then, the courtship fails.

It goes without saying that both the Bates and the Duggars have had their share of courtship successes. After all, look at the married couples with beautiful babies! Both reality TV families, however, have also had their fair share of failures. The question is: does one family have significantly more failures than the other?

The Bates have had three failed courtships.

As those who follow the Bates know, Trace Bates recently ended his courtship with Chaney Grace. The duo confirmed their courtship in September of 2019. They later parted ways in February of 2020.

While fans of the reality TV series found the courtship failure shocking… He isn’t the only Bates to have a failed courtship. According to Cheat Sheet, the Bates family have had three failed courtships. In addition to Trace, two of his brothers also experienced a similar heartbreak.

Zach Bates courted a country singer named Sarah Reith back in October of 2011. The duo were an item for six months before ending it. He later met his wife Whitney Perkins. Zach has been happily married to Whitney since 2013.

Nathan Bates courted Ashley Slayer back in 2016. The duo were not an item for very long before things ended. Not much is known about Nathan’s romantic life since then. Slayer, however, is very public with hers.

To date, the Duggars only have a single reported failed courtship.

Rumors of courtships and failed courtships have swirled over the years. But, there is only one failed courtship officially on record for the Duggars.

It was back in 2015 when Josiah Duggar was courting a woman named Marjorie Jackson. The duo announced their relationship on YouTube. They courted for a few months. Then, it ended. The relationship ended around the same time that scandals surrounded Josh Duggar came into the public eye.

While there has never been concrete evidence, many suspect Jana Duggar has had at least one failed courtship. There are also rumors that Josh Duggar had a failed courtship before meeting his wife Anna.

Courtships do differ slightly for Bates versus Duggar.

When it comes to courting, Duggars don’t court for very long. Some question if they jump into marriage too quickly. The Bates family, on the other hand, tend to drag courting out. Evan Stewart and Carlin Bates, for example, courted for nearly two years before getting married in May of 2019.

So, on record, Duggars have less failed courtships than the Bates. This, however, is only true if you believe Jana hasn’t courted. And, if you believe Josh didn’t have any courtships before Anna.

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