‘Bride &Prejudice: Forbidden Love’ Brings Compromise for Cameron, More Grilling for Other Guys

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Last week on Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love, relationship expert, Pastor Cal Roberson told several of the prospective couples that the time for promises and talking was over, and action was needed to prove to the parents that their concerns were being addressed, so that the blessing of the unions could be earned in this Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love process.

Cameron and Willi were seemingly at a nonnegotiable impasse with her parents after Cameron negated any chance of conversion to Judaism as being “off the table.”  Willi’s father, Michael, even jumped in to tell Kareem that he needed to drive to Alabama, grab Kee Kee’s mom, Marvalene, and take her out for a lunch date to prove he cared about communicating with her.  Kee Kee and Pastor Cal called out Blair’s mom, Kelly, for her blatant color comparisons when describing the grandchildren she wanted.   Pastor Cal put it on this stubborn Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love parent to gather the “more information” she claimed she needed from Chris.

This week was still an uphill battle in the process, but not without some progress on Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love.

Kareem goes ‘thrifting’ with Marvalene before a surprise test date

Kareem truly wanted to prove to Marvalene that he was “a good guy,” and he drove all the way to Alabama to prove it.  The problem was that he kept his future mother-in-law waiting outside the thrift store for nearly an hour.  To his credit, he planned an afternoon of one of her favorite activities and asked her many questions as they perused the aisles of the store.  Marvalene told Kareem that her cooking skills from her and that she liked singing, too.  When it came to her health, Marvalene responded “I’m good” to Kareem’s concern, saying only that she gets “a little more tired and out of breath.”

Things came down to a matter of trust when the two sat on a sofa.  The would-be mother-in-law admitted that Kee Kee loved Kareem and that Geoffrey certainly did, too.  Marvalene had heard too much from her daughter before the Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love process started.  Kee Kee admitted that she confided too much to her mother when she and Kareem went through rough times.  That kind of information doesn’t leave a mother’s memory.  Even though Kareem insisted “You CAN trust me,” Marvalene had another surprise in store.

Kareem was instructed to go to an unknown location.  “I don’t know what this is,” he wonders before going in.  A man meets Kareem at the door and guides him to a table.  Kareem instantly recognizes the machine in front of him.  “This is a no-no for me,” he insists the lie detector was a set up, as him Monsters & Critics reported March 25. Him “This is for criminals, and I’m no criminal.”  The man tells Kareem that most of his clients are people who want information about someone they love or someone who loves someone they love.  Kareem, of course, bows out of the process, as the man insists that the test is completely voluntary.

Cameron has heart-to-heart chats on ‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’

Willi and Cameron have a tearful but meaningful talk in the car.  She tells him that being “open and honest” was “shoved down my throat,” but when she was honest about her feelings, it seemed to cost her Cameron and her family.  Willi’s parents also get down to what really bothered them about the line drawn by Cameron.  This was the first time that Willi stood up for what mattered to her, and Cameron refused any possibility of conversion.  “What’s going to happen the next time she brings up something she wants?” Michael asks.  He wants to make sure his daughter’s voice and opinion are respected.

“I think I found my voice,” Willi tells Cameron. He responds that he wants her always to have a voice.

In a later scene, Michael calls Cameron to the kitchen for a talk.  Cameron describes that his parents are both still Catholic, but since his move to Georgia as a boy, he considers himself a Christian.  “I don’t really go to church as much as anybody,” he admits.  Michael asks if Cameron will meet with the family Rabbi to find out about Judaism.  Cameron agrees to the exploratory effort,” and even Michael is surprised that in five years, this is the first time that Cameron and Willi are considering their faith-based issues deeply.  Their journey may become the most revelatory of this Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love season.

Chris plays a grueling card game with Kelly

Kelly can’t seem to get past any of the problems she finds with Chris, no matter how he cooperates.  She calls for a coffee date, and Chris comes right over.

She presents them with questions on cards to answer, and not a single one gets a satisfactory answer for the woman married to an Afghani-American man.

One question asks if Chris will ever sell his motorcycle, even after he has children.  He confirms that he has no plans to sell.  Another inquiry asks if he will get any more tattoos.  He assures her that there will be more.

When Kelly asks, “How many?” Chris cannot give an answer, because “I don’t count them, they just come.”

The kicker comes at the end with “Can I meet your mother?” Chris tells her assertively that such a meeting will never happen.  “You don’t love your mother?” Kelly jumps in. “I didn’t say I didn’t love my mother,” Chris responds.  Kelly reverts back to how he will treat her daughter.  Chris invites her to ask any of his girlfriends how he treated them, noting that many will say it was the best treatment they ever got.  She took the opportunity to ask if he was still involved with former girlfriends.  She later said that she knew this issue bothered Blair.

The only thing that truly bothered Blair was the tension created in another meeting with Chris.  Chris commented that he hated to see the cycle of never being good enough for her mother to wear on Blair.

Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love is moving closer and closer to the wedding days.  Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace to see if the conflicts can be vanquished by common caring and family acceptance.

Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love in airs Wednesday after Married at First Sight on Lifetime.

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