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‘My 600-Lb Life’: Cynthia Wells Shares Positive Words On Social Media

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My 600-Lb Life fans first met Cynthia Wells in 2016. She weighed in at 610 pounds at the time and managed to lose weight despite ignoring Dr. Nowzaradan’s advice. Later, fans saw her in Where Are They Now? She lost more weight by then and weighed in at about 360lbs. Nevertheless, she said she felt like a “failure.” Now, positive news emerged on her social media.

My 600-Lb Life – Cynthia Wells disagreed with Dr. Nowzaradan

Dr. Nowzaradan felt that Cynthia struggled with her weight loss as she felt emotionally connected to eating food. He suggested therapy after her surgery. But, she disagreed with him and did things her own way. Actually, it now looks like more people on the show also disagreed with things on the show. TV Shows Ace reported that Megalomedia, the production company of the TLC show got a lawsuit against them by at least four previous cast members. But, Cynthia isn’t one of them at this time.

Despite losing weight on the show and through her own efforts, Cynthia never felt like a success. In fact, Starcasm noted last year that she could get around more but still felt like a failure. She told her followers she’d been “beating myself up because I am not making the progress that I want or that other people [are] making.” The trouble was, she lost weight but then felt “comfortable” with it. So, the My 600-Lb Life alum really felt she need to take it all much more seriously.

Good, positive news emerges from Cynthia

Now, it looks like Cynthia made a big effort with her mindset. Starcasm noted that she updated her Facebook followers recently. Nowadays, her profile pic shows her showing herself with her eldest son. She looks great. Plus, she shared other full-body pics that clearly show she’s in a good place. At the moment, she’s sharing fun things on her page like the movies they watch. Plus, she shared a challenge to empower other women.

The My 600-Lb Life star shared a close-up photo of her face and her fans loved how great she looks. One commented, “Beautiful picture Queen.” Then another one noted, “Absolutely beautiful!” More comments like “pretty” and “beautiful” followed. She also shared a post that showed Cynthia’s caring side. She shared about remembering those kids with no safe place now school’s out during the coronavirus epidemic.

A funny post shows Cynthia’s mindset right now

One very funny post came a few days back when the My 600-Lb Life star shared about her bed. She wrote, “So today was crazy. the kids and I are all in my bed chilling laughing and having fun when out of nowhere the whole bed collapsed. I almost peed my pants from laughing. I called several people to help me pick up a new bed but my bestie was there no questions asked.”

Are you happy to see that Cynthia Wells still looks good and seems able to keep her fans and her family in high spirits right now? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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