Derick Dillard Slides Into ‘Without A Crystal Ball’ Katie Joy’s DMs

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Derick Dillard has been a topic of conversation since he spilled major family tea all over Instagram back in December. At the time, Derick revealed that he and his wife Jill had little contact with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.  He noted that Jill wasn’t even allowed to visit the family home without reaching out to Jim Bob so he could be present during the visit. Derick Dillard also revealed that a tell-all book was coming. He wants to dish everything.

A month after this Instagram tea spill, Derick Dillard reached out to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball.

In January, it appears as if Derick Dillard slid into the DMs of Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball on Twitter. Katie Joy took to Twitter just a few days ago to gush about who slid into her DMs. She proceeded to explain that he had been sitting in her inbox since January. She, however, gets so many messages and notifications via Twitter that she didn’t notice the message until now.

“Derick Dillard reached out to me via Twitter. I emailed them a month ago related to my Duggar Coverage. I didn’t see the response until this morning. So I’ll keep you posted as I know more,” Katie Joy explained in a string of tweets.

She added: “He responded to my email I sent in January. He said he’d be willing to talk with me.”

In response to Katie Joy’s revelation, many of her Twitter followers started to freak out. They expressed excitement. They couldn’t wait for the interview. Here’s what some of her followers had to say:

  • “Wow that’s good for you and us lol, would love to know what they really think.”
  • “Whoa! Would love to see or hear that interview.”
  • See I am not the only one that’s excited about this lol.”

Reddit users react to the former Counting On star sliding into Katie Joy’s inbox.

On the DuggarSnark Subreddit, Reddit users seemed to have mix feelings toward the conversation between Katie and Derick. Some questioned why he wouldn’t go to a more reputable source. Others noted that they were “here for” this upcoming interview.

A few, however, took issue with Derick Dillard doing an interview about his wife and her family at all. They clarified they would prefer to hear from Jill Dillard directly.

“I’d much rather hear directly from Jill. Derick has made her family issues all about him and his grievances and it doesn’t seem like she has much agency in this at all. I hope she’s ok with him airing out her dirty laundry, but everything he’s doing only serves to estrange her further from her little siblings who she seemed to genuinely love and care for,” one Reddit user penned.

Because it took two months for Katie Joy to respond to Derick Dillard message on Twitter… It is unclear how much time will pass before Derick responds again. Or, if he is still interested in talking. We at Tv Shows Ace will be on the look out for updates regarding this potential interview.

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