‘The Little Couple’: Dr Jen Arnold Reminds People Why They Really Stay Home

The Little Couple Dr Jen Arnold

The Little Couple fans adore Dr. Jen Arnold. Not only is she the adoptive mom of Will and Zoey, but she works in a much needed medical profession. She’s a highly qualified doctor in neonatal medicine. Bear in mind, shes also had cancer and other health issues, so technically, that could put her in a high-risk category for the coronavirus. She now reminded people of the real reasons they stay home during this epidemic.

The Little Couple – Dr. Jen Arnold talks about the coronavirus

Dr. Jen took to her Instagram on Monday night and shared about the coronavirus. She especially pointed out the real reason we stay home. In her post, which showed her with her daughter Zoey, she mentioned it’s “the most critical time in our lives to [stay at home].” She then elaborated further, noting that it’s “so we can keep each other healthy!” It’s not all about ourselves, she went on. “It’s also for our #grandparents #Aunts #Uncles #parents #Everyone.”

Of course, The Little Couple mom is completely correct. But, as people know, recently students hit the beaches in Florida and across social media, many of them declared they didn’t care about the virus. So, it seems they forgot to think about their moms, dads, brothers, friends, and more. But of course, fans also think Jen talks about her and her family, so some people wondered why she’s not at the hospital which is an essential service.

Is Jen working at the hospital or staying home?

If you read the message she put out, Dr. Jen never actually said she was staying at home. It could be taken that she talked in terms of all families who stay at home. Nevertheless, it’s a valid question that some fans asked. One asked, “Have you been having to go to work in the hospital?” Another one asked, “Don’t you have to work at Hospital? stay safe💕.” Many more people asked questions along the same line, but Jen never replied yet.

Well, we just can’t find out if Jen Arnold from The Little Couple stays home or still goes to work at the hospital. However, the website for the facility notes they know people worry about children getting the virus. They wrote, “Our staff are trained in infection prevention and safety procedures and we are in communication with local emergency management officials on our preparation.” They updated visitors’ guidelines and more about the coronavirus.


No doubt in time, fans will hear from Jen about whether she stays home or attends to her work at the hospital.

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