Maddie Brown Brush’s Daughter Evie K Is Doing Well With Milestones

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Sister Wives fans know that Maddie Brown Brush delivered her little girl, Evie K in October last year. But, she broke the news later, that Evie suffered from a rare genetic disorder. It affects her limbs. However, now it seems Evie copes with milestones very well, despite her physical problems.

Sister Wives – Evie K suffers from a rare medical condition

TV Shows Ace reported that initially, Evie K looked perfect from photos on Instagram. But later, the news came out that Maddie and Caleb expected issues after the doctor did a scan. It looked like Evie didn’t have all her digits. Later, the full extent came out, and she also suffers from one leg missing a fibula or calf bone. Plus, her shinbone’s bowed. People reported that the condition’s known as “fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia and oligosyndactyly (FATCO) syndrome.”

Obviously, over time, the Sister Wives grandchild faces some incapacity. But, despite that, Evie K seems to hit her milestones okay. Now, at about seven months, she’s attempting to pull herself up. Janelle Brown, Maddie’s mom sounds very happy about that on Twitter. She shared the good news and noted, “the coolest thing is that she is figuring out how to stand even with uneven limbs. It’s quite ingenious.”

Maddie Brown Brush shared a video clip of Evie pulling herself up

The video that Maddie shared on Instagram shows the little girl talking away in baby babble and pulling herself up to reach a toy. Maddie captioned it with, “Miss Evie doing her thing and marching to her own drum. Pulling herself up to stand. She wobbles a little but she’s still got it.” Naturally,  fans joined in the comments to celebrate the little girl’s achievements. One follower said, “She is not going to let anything stop her! You can tell God has an amazing plan for her life!”

Another Sister Wives fan commented, “She is so fast in her development!.” Well, Maddie responded to that in a sort of joking way, saying, “I know.😭 I need her to slow down!” Then another follower wrote, “our girl is born on 21/8 and she isn’t doing this at all! Just shows how strong your girl is and what a fighter she is! Amazing!” Other fans asked Maddie if Evie’s old enough to pull herself up.

Is Evie K on target with her milestone?

The Bump noted that most kids start trying to pull themselves up into a standing position at around 9 to 12 months. However, it’s not uncommon at about eight months, or even earlier. Nevertheless, all children develop at their own pace. So, this might be one area where Evie’s slightly ahead of other kids. It looks like the Sister Wives‘ cutie surely is a determines little girl.

What do you think about Evie doing so well even with her physical challenges? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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