Duggar: Ben And Jessa Seewald Enjoy Time Outdoors

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Like many people all over the world, Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar are practicing social-distancing. This is one way to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. While it’s difficult for some to wait it out indoors, others are enjoying this special family time. Several members of the Duggar family have shared about passing the time. Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo live in Los Angeles, California. They recently were put under a “safer-at-home order.” They discussed this and gave their followers an update amid the outbreak.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Ben and Jessa have been spending time outdoors while social-distancing. They have three young children, Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy, 9 months. So, getting outside allows the little ones to get their energy out. And, a little bit of fresh air can make a big difference.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald share new family picture outdoors

In a new social media post, Jessa revealed that her family is loving their time outdoors. This is the second time they’ve posted about being outside while social-distancing. This time, Jessa shared a picture of their family of five. Ivy is in a baby swing and Spurgeon is on a regular swing beside her. In between Spurgeon and Ivy is Henry. Ben and Jessa are squatting beside their kids.

Along with the sweet picture, she wrote, “No other people I’d rather be stuck at home with than these 4 right here.

Some Duggar fans wanted to know who had taken the photo. After all, if they’re social-distancing, no one else should be there. Jessa shared that she used the 10-second self timer on her phone. And, it looks like that worked pretty well for the family. Everyone but Henry is smiling. Anyone with kids knows that four out of five smiling is good enough.

Duggar fans love the new picture and think the kids are adorable. They’re also happy to hear that the Seewald family is practicing social-distancing. While it’s being advised, not everyone is doing it. So, they see Jessa using her platform appropriately. They hope others will follow suit in promoting social-distancing.


Going outdoors is allowed while social-distancing

Going outdoors is still allowed, even with stay-at-home orders in place or social-distancing recommended. People can enjoy walking, running, biking, and other outdoor activities. They must follow social-distancing rules though. So, they have to stay at least six feet from one another. And, if they’re sick, they should take special precautions. Of course, things like playing at public playgrounds are not advised.

Also, spending time outdoors can keep you healthy. So, there’s even more of a reason for the Duggar family to enjoy the outdoors while social-distancing.


What do you think of the new picture that Jessa shared? Are you getting outdoors while practicing social-distancing? Share your thoughts below.

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