‘Younger’ Star Debi Mazar Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Will This Delay Season 7 Filming?

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Yesterday, Younger star Debi Mazar tested positive for Covid-19. If Season 7 is to air in June, the TV Land show should be into production now. How will her diagnosis affect when the show will premiere in 2020?

Debi Mazar Tests Positive For Coronavirus

On Sunday, actress Debi Mazar went to Instagram to tell fans that she tested positive for Covid-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. She shared that she is ok. She shared that her husband, Gabriele Corcos and two daughters Giulia and Evelina, got an “odd bug” about a month ago. The symptoms included a sore throat, low grade fever, dry cough, body aches and ringing ears. They all recovered quickly, so she assumed it was “seasonal.”

But, two weeks later, on March 15, Debi had those same symptoms, but more intense. Her fever was 102.4 and her body aches were horrible. She wondered if she had the coronavirus. Debi reviewed her activities the night before. She had gone out and hung out with friends. Debi indulged in some libations and even puffed a few cigarettes. She figured that perhaps her body was making her pay for this.

Although she called her doctor and shared her symptoms, she was not able to take a test. This is because she didn’t travel overseas, thus not meeting the criteria required to get that coveted coronavirus test. As her husband is from Italy, she knows all about this virus that has ravaged his homeland. Thankfully, Mazar found out that the urgent care near her offered tests. She tested for the flu and for Covid-19. She immediately found out that she did not have the flu. But, she had to wait five days before getting test results for the more dangerous coronavirus. Debi pointed out that in South Korea, they get their result in a matter of hours. Nonetheless, the Younger star eventually discovered she tested positive.

Although admits her lungs feel “heavy,” she and her family are on a 14-day quarantine. Her family does not have symptoms at all. But, Mazar tells people to stay home and stay safe. But, what about filming for Younger Season 7?


When Does Younger Season 7 Start?

Now that Debi Mazar has tested positive for coronavirus, what does that mean for Younger? They were scheduled to start filming in New York City in March. Fans anticipated the premiere of Season 7 sometime in early June. This is because in the past couple of years, they filmed between March and June and premiered sometime in June. Although TV Land, nor creator and producer Darren Star have not shared filming details, we know that all production has been stalled until further notice. This was decided before Debi’s coronavirus diagnosis. But, this does show how important for the Younger cast and crew to delay filming and keep a self-quarantine.

Although the rabid fans of the show will understand these circumstances, due to the worldwide pandemic, they still cannot wait to see what is next. Younger fans want some resolution to a cliffhanger. Charles (Peter Hermann) proposed to Liza (Sutton Foster), while on the dance floor at Diana’s (Miriam Shor) wedding. Fans want to know whether Liza will say “I do,” finally ending what TV Shows Ace calls “the toxic triangle.” This is the love triangle between Liza, Charles and Josh (Nico Tortorella).

Meanwhile, Hilary Duff want to see see her character Kelsey “thrive.” TV Shows Ace has reported that Kelsey went through a “brutal” season. She made some major social media mistakes that cost her, but she grew from her experience as publisher. Now that she is returning to Empirical, what is next for her? Romance with Zane (Charles Michael Davis)? Or perhaps a battle with Quinn (Laura Benanti)? Only the writers know for sure, and the cast has no idea until a few days before shooting their scenes!

For now, TV Land is showing reruns, and fans can also see the early seasons on Hulu.

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Younger news. Younger Season 7 should premiere sometime in 2020.

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