Savannah Chrisley Has Been Off The Grid Because She Is Anxious About The Coronavirus

Savannah Chrisley, Instagram

Savannah Chrisley is stressed out about the Coronavirus like a lot of people. She posted to Instagram on Friday and told fans she’d been off the grid because of her anxiety.

On a selfie she wrote the caption, “throwback to a week or so ago when life was normal.” She’s dealing with anxiety a lot of people share in these uncertain times. The Chrisley Knows Best star said she’s the worrier in the family along with the patriarch Todd Chrisley.

This all comes just after a scary tornado made it’s way through Tennessee. Savannah, terrified, shared she couldn’t get in touch with her family. Then her grandma called her to let her know they were okay.

What’s Been On Savannah Chrisley’s Mind?

Savannah Chrisley hasn’t been able to sleep. This is again something that’s happening to a lot of people everywhere. She said, “I have stayed up until 4 or so most mornings because I just couldn’t shut my brain off. What will tomorrow look like? Will everyone be ok? How will our economy recovery?”

Chrisley said there were so many questions going through her head. The reality star is turning to her faith during this time of chaos. She said, “I choose to believe in my heavenly father and the plan that he has for us.” Savannah is always up front about her faith. It’s something she always relies on. Her faith brought her through many obstacles she faced in the past couple years.

She Also Said Therapy Was A Good Way To Cope

Savannah Chrisley said that after speaking with her therapist, she felt a lot better. She said, “at the end of the day, your mindset about an issue is what gives you anxiety.” To her fans she said, “I love you all. During this time love harder than ever! Life is so short!”

She told her fans to try and remember those words and set their minds to focus on their faith. The star also said listen to your government and be selfless. Despite being told to stay home. plenty of young people have decided to stay out and party. Savannah addressed them specifically. Like many celebrities, she used her platform to remind people to practice social distancing as much as possible.

Her encouraging words brought a lot of her followers a bit of peace. It was good for them to see that she has anxiety just like everyone else.

For more news about the Chrisley family, stay tuned.

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