Farrah Abraham Followers Furious As She Says She ‘Loves Coronavirus Season’

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Farrah Abraham’s followers already slammed her for making light of the coronavirus. Now, she upset them again when she shared some ideas on homeschooling Sophia. She shared a video about it on Instagram. Fury erupted after she said that she “kinda loves coronavirus season.”

Farrah Abraham gets followers worked up over coronavirus for the second time

TV Shows Ace reported in the first week of March that Farrah upset her followers. Back then, she shared a clip about her and Sophia shopping during panic buying. Many of them thought she made fun of the virus. And, at a time when people grow increasingly fearful, they didn’t appreciate her attitude. We noted people grew angry that she played around, but took care to clear off the last of the sanitizer bottles.

Now, Farrah Abraham upset fans once again with yet another video. On the surface of it, it seemed her intentions were good. But, later in the video, she mentioned that she “loves coronavirus.” Actually, she talked about homeschooling and noted the advantage of homeschooling with social distancing in force. Many fans hate on her for that, but frankly, in the video, Sophia talks about her lessons quite coherently. Obviously, she learns something through homeschooling.

Teen Mom alum ‘loves coronavirus season’

For followers watching the video, many of them grew horrified when Farrah called the virus a “season.” Almost as though it’s like a TV show. Others felt she is terribly disrespectful for “loving” it. After all, people die and families feel terribly stressed and fearful. In her video that she shared on Thursday, Farrah obviously meant to say something about how it’s good staying in, at least for the company she and Sophia keep right now.

Moms and daughters doing things at home could bond them during this worrying time. But, the way Farrah Abraham once again seemed to take it lightly got up the noses of followers. Many people slammed her for it. Here’s what some for them said to Farrah:

  • “I was with you till you said you like Coronavirus season. Hun this isnt like flu season this is an emergency outbreak. Although I get your point of the video you got to watch what you say a little more, people are passing away. That’s not to say people dont also pass away from the flu but you NEVER like illness.”
  • “I bet all the people losing there lives or loved ones are not loving coronavirus you silly woman.”
  • “i carnt believe she said virus season omg, (sic).”
  • “This is a serious crisis NOT THE TIME FOR YOU TO BE POSTING CR*P about how you love corona virus season. Choose your words wisely WOMAN.”


What do you think about Farrah Abraham saying she “loves coronavirus season?” Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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