‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Shares How She Keeps The Quints Amused While Social Distancing

Blayke Busby

OutDaughtered fans heard that the Busby family went on spring break to Jackson Hole. They loved the snow and finally made their way home safely after plane delays. Now, with the vacation becoming a distant memory, like so many other moms, Danielle Busby’s got all the kids at home. Social distancing’s hard on the kids and parents alike. So, she shared one way of keeping the kids amused.

OutDaughtered – fans worried about the Busbys getting home

When fans heard the Busbys risked flying with the kids on vacation, many people disapproved. After all, the coronavirus pandemic concerns worry everyone. Later, they heard from Danielle about her concerns over getting back home to Texas. Flight delays and looming emergency travel restrictions worried her a lot. But, TV Shows Ace reported that they made it back home safely. Of course, they got back just in time to stay home and limit social contact.

Most parents worry about entertaining kids during vacation time. But, with six kids, it sounds like a difficult task for Danielle. In fact, sharing on her Instagram about keeping them entertained, the OutDaughtered mom used the hashtag “#mamaloosinghermind.” But fans of the show know that Danielle and Adam Bubsy already seem quite organized with all the kids. So, they seem set up to at least survive the next weeks of self-isolation in Texas without going totally crazy.

Danielle shares about art and YouTube to entertain the kids during social distancing

Danielle shared a photo of four of the kids sitting at their little tables, all in a row. It looked like they might be in the playroom. She explained, “Art time! Few kids napping, few kids drawing! Thank you YouTube 🤪.” In front of a giant TV screen, the kids watched a show about drawing. Interactive, the kids had all their art pencils and crayons out. Some people already use other art channels, but some thought the one Danielle suggested looked good too. One fan thanked her for sharing as went off to find the same channel.

Some OutDaughtered fans recommend a few art channels. One said, “Y’all should check out the Mo Willems lunch doodles on YouTube!” Another fan noted, “Have yall tried Art For Kids Hub?? It is the best!!” Another one also suggested, “Try art hub on YouTube.” Notably, many fans also struggle with keeping the kids inside and entertained. One thing for sure, as Caryn Chandler mentioned on her Instagram, “everyone’s in this together.” The coronavirus cares not a jot for social status, money in the bank, or the size of the swimming pool. Everyone comes together now to reach out and help each other if they can.


Did you try YouTube art sites for your kids? Feel free to share your other ideas in the comments below.

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