Mama June Thinks She’s Still Hot And Claims She’s ‘Better Than Ever’

Mama June From Not To Hot

Mama June racked up a bad rep over the last months. Fans heard all sorts of horror stories about her and Geno not paying hotel bills and gambling. The kids, especially Honey Boo Boo (Alana), went through a hard time as she estranged herself from all of her daughters. Many fans rallied around to encourage Pumpkin and Alana. Now, June popped up on Instagram with a promo, telling fans she’s “better than ever.”

Mama June features in the new season of Mama June: From Not to Hot

TV Shows Ace reported in February that the new previews for the next season showed June sounding full of self-pity. Prior to that, the initial release just showed Alana sitting in the kitchen. Eating her breakfast cereal, a voice-over suggested June returned home. June shared that on her Instagram, but word came that her manager shared the preview. But now, June’s back on Instagram. Actually, she popped up here and there before but got little support from fans concerned about Alana.

Her latest post involved a promo. Well, her previous posts also showed her attempting to sell things. So, probably she needs the cash. Mama June: From Hot To Not: Family Crisis premieres on March 27 on WeTv. However, leaks also suggested she won’t be paid by the network. Many fans now suspect June’s poor motives. When she posted a video on Thursday, not too many people cheered with joy.

June says she’s ‘better than ever’ but fans are not impressed

The video that June shared promoted BoomBod. She said she’s “back and better than ever.” Then she went on about how she uses the product to “stay healthy.” While some fans welcomed her reappearance, even those of a kindly bent rather expressed the worry as she’s simply not “hot” looking anymore. Others think she toyed with the TV show fans. Some can’t get over her sudden reappearance.

One fan said, “Mama June doesn’t seem okay, I just hope you are taking care of yourself ❤️ You deserve all the love. Xx.” But others vented. One said, “Is this a f*cking joke ??” Another one chimed in with, “If she gonna stay healthy she needs to stop smoking CRACK.” Actually, quite a few people talked about her suspected continued drug use. One person noted they suspected she just came back to “hype up the show.”

Some fans seem relieved that Mama June reappeared on social media

June looks rather pasty-faced and that missing tooth’s still glaringly obvious. Nevertheless, some fans seemed relieved she returned. Some love her anyway as people enjoy the Not to Hot series. But for others, her abandonment of Honey Boo Boo in favor of Geno Doak didn’t sit well at all.

What do you think about Mama June popping back up on social media and doing a promo? Do you think she looks “better than ever?” Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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