‘General Hospital’ Star Johnny Wactor Speaks About Role As Brando Corbin

General Hospital Johnny Wactor as Brando Corbin

In recent episodes of General Hospital, Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) has arrived in Port Charles. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) has organized a garage for him to do business. This leaves Brando a little worried, while also being grateful for the opportunity.

About Brando Corbin on General Hospital

Brando is Gladys Corbin’s (Bonnie Burroughs) son and was believed to be dead. He has a dark past but is trying his best to stay on the straight and narrow these days.  His past includes prison time and serving in the Iraqi War. On top of this, he has PTSD, drug use, mob wars and family issues, among other things to deal with.

Sonny has organized for Dev (Ashton Arbab) to be passed off as Brando’s biological son, in order to keep the boy safe. All this in his character’s past is putting pressure on Johnny Wactor to really show his acting chops in General Hospital.

So far, Johnny has shown excellent acting skills and anti-hero potential, something that works well in GH storytelling. Wactor was interviewed recently by Michael Fairman TV about his journey on General Hospital so far and in the future.

Johnny Wactor as Brando Corbin on General Hospital

In the interview, it was mentioned that Johnny’s previous experience has been in a number of primetime roles and TV series. He was asked if he was shocked by the fast shooting pace of a daytime drama. Johnny said, “Oh, yeah.” He went on to say he had been pre-warned by both his manager and his friend, Mark Grossman (Adam Newman) from The Young and the Restless.

According to Wactor, in the soap genre, actors get one rehearsal and pretty much one take. After that, the action moves on. He added that it has been quite a learning curve for him. This is one he is still getting used to it. He did say sometimes he would have appreciated one more take.

Johnny said he tends to be obsessive and a perfectionist. While he enjoys working on the daytime drama, this makes things it challenging for him. But Wactor said it is fun to work at a fast pace, which he finds similar to working in theater.

Brando acting as Dev’s father

Johnny’s character is pretending to be Dev’s father. When asked if he knew that would be a part of Brando’s story, Johnny said he did not. It was only when he read the first script that he found out. Having a son in the show is a lot for Wactor to take in. He said that is where your imagination comes in.

Wactor was asked what it is like to work with Maurice Benard, Laura Wright and other major players on General Hospital. He said it has been a Godsend for him. Johnny said you always have concerns on your first time in a daytime drama. Like what the set will be like and whether you will be welcomed?

Johnny said the cast has made it “super easy” for him. They have taken him under their wing and have so much experience in the genre.

Is there a spark between Brando and Carly?

When told fans see a spark between Brando and Carly, Johnny was asked if his character is into her. He said he would like to say he had rescued her, as she is a beautiful blond. However, that’s not what it is all about. Wactor said there is something there, but he doesn’t know just how far Brando will pursue this.

Sonny has given Brando a sweet deal by setting him up with the garage, and Brando doesn’t want to screw that up. However, he is not ruling it out, as anything could happen.

Is Brando a good guy?

Johnny was asked how he is playing the role? Is he playing Brando as a good guy, or are their ulterior movies fans might not know about yet?

Wactor said in his opinion, Brando does have a good heart. However, he doesn’t believe he is infallible. His character is determined to make up for his past actions. Brando knows he has made poor decisions in the past.

Johnny said it isn’t possible to rule him as definitely being a good person. It is possible he might get into trouble again. He said he could have ulterior motives without being conscious of this. As a whole, Johnny believes Brando is a “genuine good guy.”

Wactor was asked if he could see a love interest coming up for Brando in the future. He said he can definitely see something coming. “Maybe multiple love interests.” Johnny joked, “Who knows? I think there are a lot of single ladies in Port Charles.”

Keep watching General Hospital to see how Johnny Wactor’s role as Brando Corbin progresses.

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