‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood, Cassie Break Coronavirus Social Distancing – Visit ER

The bachelor Cassie and Colton

The Bachelor fans heard from Colton Underwood after Peter Weber’s season. Recall Colton became famous for jumping the fence in his season of the show. Finally, he ended up with Cassi Randolph, even though he never proposed during the show. Now, happy together, they decided not to stay in and broke the Coronavirus social distancing by going to the beach. Unfortunately, they ended up at the ER.

The Bachelor – Colton Underwood in the media and Coronavirus quarantine

TV Shows Ace reported that Colton emerged back into media recently. On March 15, we noted that he condemned Peter Weber for not being stronger. Plus, he felt that the production team “didn’t do a great job in guiding Peter.” He also felt that Peter should rather have gone with his “gut feeling.” Well, perhaps he should have followed his gut feeling when he and Cassie decided to head on out to the beach.

Monsters and Critics reported that he and Cassie decided to break the coronavirus self-isolation advice and spend time at the beach. Actually, that’s not totally surprising given Colton’s season on The Bachelor, season, fans think.  After all, many of them think Colton Underwood pretty much set the tone for not proposing to his choice at the end of his season.

Is rule-breaking part of Colton’s nature?

This beach trip did not go as well as they planned. The stars were hoping for a quick dip it but ended up being one Cassie will never forget, after being stung by a stingray. The two reality television stars attempted to take care of the sting at home but realized that Cassie needed help from an emergency room. Colton and Cassie both went on social media to talk about the freak accident.

The Bachelor‘s Colton joked about it, saying it was a message that they should have stayed inside. Colton tried to keep Cassie’s mind off the pain by playing UNO. Cassie laughed that the ER had stingray artwork everywhere. Actually, Cassie’s family has experience with this kind of emergency, as her brother has been stung multiple times, so she knew what had to be done.

Cassie Randolf from The Bachelor has a  bad reaction to the stingray

Cassie ended up having an allergic reaction to the sting. In fact, heroic Colton even offered to suck the venom out of her foot. But, Cassie eventually got medication and has said she is feeling better now. Since their final appearance on the ABC franchise, Colton and Cassie have managed to avoid the spotlight and too much public scrutiny.


Colton recently said that The Bachelor production team did not give him a ring because he did not actually propose to Cassie. He said he will buy his own ring and propose to Cassie when the time is right. With an unusually low-key profile, fans actually thought the two had split up a while back.

However, as you can see now, they are still dating and have a relationship that appears to be working for them. Meanwhile, The Bachelor Nation franchise has been placed on hiatus for the time being due to the Coronavirus.

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