Duggar Fan Claims Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Drink Alcohol

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There are lots of things that the Duggar kids can and can’t do. For example, the girls are expected to wear skirts or dresses. They aren’t allowed to dance. The list goes on. If you’re familiar with the 19 Kids & Counting family, you might know some of the rules they have to follow.

As the kids have gotten older, gotten married, and moved out, they have changed their ways a bit. Many of them have followed in their parents’ footsteps for the most part. But, they’re all figuring things out for themselves and finding what is right for them and their family. Some of the girls have abandoned the rule that they can wear only dresses or skirts. Felicity Vuolo, Jinger’s one-year-old daughter, dances sometimes. Plus, Jinger has a TV, which wasn’t really a thing for the Duggar family.

There are other ways that things have changed over the past few years as the kids have moved out too. One of them has to do with alcohol. Once again, this is something the Duggar family doesn’t partake in. There have been rumors that Derick and Jill Dillard drink alcohol. But, nothing has been proven. Now, a Duggar fan is claiming that they saw a member of the family drinking alcohol.

Duggar fan says Jeremy and Jinger ordered alcohol at a restaurant

On a Duggar confessions page, someone wrote in about Jinger and Jeremy ordering alcohol. Apparently, this fan was serving them at their table. This is why they couldn’t get a picture of the couple or any proof that they drank alcohol.

The anonymous user wrote, “I just saw Jinger and Jeremy at St Anne’s Restaurant and Bar in North Hollywood. I was their server so I couldn’t take a pic. Anyway, Jinger ordered the sparkling rosé and Jeremy ordered the BOULEVARD TANK 7 SAISON ALE.”

The user added that Felicity wasn’t with them, so they assumed that she was with a babysitter.


Is this believable?

It’s certainly possible that Jeremy and Jinger drink alcohol on occasion. Jeremy lived a less conservative life than Jinger did, so he might have had alcohol in college.

Since Jinger and Jeremy have moved to Los Angeles, they have stepped away from some of the rules Jinger had to follow while living under her parents’ roof. This could just be another one of those rules she’s letting go of.

Of course, there’s no evidence of this claim. So, no one can be entirely sure whether the Duggar fan is telling the truth.

Plus, this isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with drinking alcohol. It’s just outside of the Duggar family’s rules. Some fans are proud of Jinger for stepping outside of her family’s rules and doing her own thing.

So, do you think that Jinger and Jeremy actually drink alcohol? Do you believe this claim? Share your thoughts below.

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