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‘Chrisley Knows Best’: Fans Beg Todd To Keep Nanny Faye Safe During Coronavirus

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Chrisley Knows Best fans simply adore Todd’s mom, Nanny Faye. Todd gets plenty of visitors to his Instagram, but his posts about Nanny Faye attracts loads of happy fans. When he shares about his son Chase, fans love it as well. Now, Todd shared a picture of his son Chase with his mom and many fans begged him to keep Nanny Faye safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Chrisley Knows Best – Nanny Faye, Todd’s mom is a fan favorite

TV Shows Ace reported back in January, that Todd shared about Nanny Faye “making off with Nic Kerdiles, Savannah’s fiance.” Ever popular for being naughty, fans of the elderly lady with a passion for gambling commented and loved the post. On Twitter, he wrote, “This is why I can’t have any peace, my 75 year old teenager has escaped my custody.”

Chrisley Knows Best fans loved that. But, when he shares about Nanny Faye and Chase together, even more of them love his posts. His latest post got nearly 3k views in a matter of minutes. If you’re not sure, recall that some fans get it wrong and think that Nanny’s actually an employee who raised the kids. However, Nanny Faye’s actually Todd’s mom. Well, she’s naughty, and Todd loves pranking. He obviously got it from her. And, Chase gets up to mischief as well. Where did he get that from? Nanny Faye, one can assume!

Todd shares about Chase and Nanny Faye

Naturally, with so many people at home right now, many of them turn to their favorite TV shows. Many of the shows sit on hiatus, but even re-runs suffice for now. When Todd shared about Chase and Nanny Faye on Tuesday, many of them said they do that right now. Many more of them reminded Todd that Nanny Faye’s scenes in Chrisley Knows Best get them in stitches. So, it’s no surprise fans begged Todd to keep her safe.

Todd shared a photo of Chase and his mom. He captioned it with, “These two here, you just know they are always up to something.” Well, many fans commented. One said, “They crack me up😂! Double trouble💕! God Bless!” Then another fan of Chrisley Knows Best noted, “Just look at ‘em. Scheming already. Thick as thieves, those two.” But without chiding, it seemed noticeable that Chase isn’t particularly keeping his social distance from his granny. Fans begged Todd to keep her safe.

Fans of Chrisley Knows Best plead with Todd to keep Nanny Faye safe

Many fans love Nanny Faye and they urged Todd to keep her safe during the coronavirus. After all, she’s in a high-risk age-bracket as she was born in 1943.  LA Times reported that the elderly are far more likely to suffer critical illness with the coronavirus, than younger people.

Most fans also know that Todd dotes on his mom as well. No doubt, they noted, he’s all over making a plan to keep his entire family safe.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about Nanny Faye and Chrisley Knows Best.

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