‘The Young And The Restless:’ Greg Rikaart Who Plays Kevin Is Unwell

Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher)

The Young And The Restless actor who plays Kevin Fisher is in self-imposed isolation with a fever, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Greg Rikaart from ‘The Young And The Restless’ falls ill

Sad news from Greg Rikaart, who plays Kevin Fisher on The Young and the Restless. Rikaart has been experiencing symptoms of high fever and a bad cough. Due to this, Greg has been placed in self-isolation as a precaution due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. This means he has to be away from his husband, Rob, and their son Monte.

As noted by Soap Opera Digest, Greg Rikaart went on social media to advise his fans and followers. He told them he is experiencing a high fever and a cough.

In a video posted on Instagram, Greg explained that he had a house call visit from his doctor. After she examined him, the doctor determined Rikaart doesn’t have the flu. The doctor also thinks it unlikely he is suffering from the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, there are no test kits available to verify for certain that he is not suffering from COVID-19.

Greg addressed his fans, thanking them profusely for their concern and “lovely words of support.” He went on to say their words really warmed him and made him feel good. Rikaart then went on to give the latest update relating to his health.

Greg Rikaart doesn’t have the flu or Coronavirus

In the video, Greg explained that he had just had the house visit from the doctor, who had said he doesn’t have the flu. He confirmed she doesn’t believe he has the Coronavirus, either. However, he is still running a fever of around 100 degrees. Unfortunately, there was no way to test him to be sure, as there are no kits available. Rikaart went on to thank the government for the lack of Coronavirus test kits.

Rikaart did say the oxygen levels in his blood are good. He has thankfully not experienced any shortness of breath. Greg went on to say he hopes his fever will break within the next day. Greg is longing to get back to his life and being a dad. He says, for now, he is holed up in his room.

The Young and the Restless actor thanked his fans and followers again. He then told everyone to “stay well, stay safe, stay inside.” Rikaart told them he loves them all. Watch the Instagram video here.


Coronavirus spreading in the US

As reported by US News, in the last day, the death toll in the US from Coronavirus has risen to at least 85. There are almost 1,000 cases reported in Washington and New York. In fact, Washington, New York and California are the hardest hit states so far.

48 deaths have been recorded by state officials in Washington. On Monday, Governor Jay Inslee ordered all restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities to be closed. Restaurants are allowed to offer take-out or delivery services only. Several other US states are following suit.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that gyms, casinos and movie theaters in the tri-state area will also close. Restaurants there are also only allowed to provide take-out or delivery services.

We wish Y&R star Kevin Rikaart a speedy and safe recovery and hope he will be back with his family soon.

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