Anna Duggar Shares New Pictures Of All Six Kids–See Them Here!

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On social media Tuesday, Anna Duggar shared two new pictures of all six of her kids. This is impressive, as it’s hard for some parents to get a good picture of even two or three kids. So, it’s a big deal that Anna can get all six kids together for a picture. Plus, the oldest is 10 years old. That’s a lot of young children to get looking at the camera and smiling.

In the first picture, the kids are all looking at the camera and smiling. In the second picture, they appear to be laughing at each other. All the kids are dressed in green or blue. Anna wishes her followers a Happy St. Patrick’s Day in her caption.

It’s not obvious how the Duggar family chooses to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Technically, it’s a Catholic holiday. But, lots of people celebrate with their kids and focus on leprechauns. So, maybe they choose not to include the Catholic meaning. In the post, Anna doesn’t explain what they’re doing for the holiday, but all the kids are dressed in green.

Fans are impressed with Anna and her children

As mentioned, it’s not an easy task to take pictures of kids, no matter how many there are. Duggar fans are impressed with the pictures that Anna got. In the first one, all of the kids are looking at the camera, and they’re even smiling. In addition, her followers are surprised that all of the kids are dressed so nicely. One Instagram user wrote, “I don’t know how you get all the kids dressed they always look neat and clean.

One fan also commented on how much the kids look like one another. The follower wrote, “I can not even believe how 6 kids can all look so much alike! There usually is at least 1 that has different color hair or looks! Nope not yours! Lol so beautiful!”

Plenty of other fans commented on Anna’s post and said how cute her kids look. They love the new pictures and think the kids look so sweet together.

How old are Anna Duggar’s kids?

Josh and Anna have six kids, as pictured. Mackynzie is the oldest, and she’s 10 years old. Then, Michael is eight years old. Marcus is six years old. Next is Meredith, who is four years old. Mason is two years old. The newest addition, Maryella, will be four months old in a couple of weeks.

It’s safe to say that Anna has her hands full. But, many of her followers ask her for advice. They think she knows what she’s doing after having six kids. Duggar fans think that Anna will have more kids in the future. She previously mentioned another baby name she might like to use.

What do you think of the new pictures of Josh and Anna’s kids? Share your thoughts below.

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