Duggar: Jessa And Ivy Seewald Twin In Newest Photos

Jessa Duggar Seewald Instagram

On social media, Jessa Duggar Seewald shared two new pictures of herself with her nine-month-old daughter, Ivy. In the pictures, the mom and daughter pair is wearing matching green hats. After some of her followers asked about the hats, Jessa revealed that they’re a handmade gift. Jessa wrote about the changing weather and said, “Thought it was summer yesterday with that 80 degree weather. But back in the 40’s today, so clearly it’s still winter here in Arkansas.” Both mom and daughter seem happy to be outside, even if the weather got cooler again.

Duggar fans react to new pictures of Jessa and Ivy

As usual, Jessa’s followers think the new pictures are too sweet. Jessa has 2.2 million followers on social media, so plenty of Duggar fans saw the new pictures and weighed in. Nearly all of the comments on Jessa’s new post are positive. Jessa’s sister-in-law Lauren said, “This photo is so precious!😍” A Duggar fan wrote, “That is the most precious picture ever!!! 😍” Another one of Jessa’s followers said, “I love that first picture so much! You can see how much she loves her mom!😍


Of course, Jessa always gets some kind of hate on her posts. Not everyone likes what the Duggar daughters post, and they all get negative comments from time to time. This time, one of Jessa’s followers expressed concern over Ivy being outside, saying, “How is ivy not freezing?” Other commenters were quick to defend Jessa’s parenting and pointed out that Ivy is wearing both a hat and a jacket. Plus, it’s 40 degrees, and it could be much colder.

Fortunately, most of the comments were happy and focused on how cute the mom and daughter look in their matching hats.

This isn’t the first time Jessa and Ivy have matched

On a previous post, Jessa wrote, “I’m not a mom who usually dresses my kids alike or does a whole lot of the ‘matching’ thing.'” Then, she said she couldn’t resist matching with Ivy. The post includes a couple pictures of Jessa and Ivy wearing matching dresses. Duggar fans thought these pictures were the cutest. And, it seems like Jessa loves matching with her daughter because she did it again with the matching hats.


Duggar fans think Ivy looks like Jessa

Whenever Jessa shares a new post of her kids, fans like to discuss who each child looks like. Overall, it seems like Duggar fans agree that Henry, 3, looks like Ben Seewald. And, Spurgeon, 4, and Ivy, look like Jessa. On this post, fans call the mom and daughter duo “twins.” Some also say that Ivy is Jessa’s mini-me.

In the past, Duggar fans have pointed out that Ivy looks a lot like her little cousin, Felicity Vuolo. And, they’re saying that Felicity also looks like Jessa’s sister, Jinger Vuolo. Ivy has the same big, dark eyes and dark hair.

What do you think of the new photos? Does Ivy look just like her mom? Share your thoughts below.

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