Coronavirus: How Are Large Families Dealing With Grocery Quantity Limits?

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic… shopping may be especially difficult for larger families such as the Duggars right now.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It’s all anyone can talk about right now. Those who enjoy watching reality TV shows such as Counting OnBringing Up Bates, and OutDaughtered might be wondering… How are larger families coping with COVID-19? It goes without saying that the pandemic presents some unique challenges for these larger families. Challenges that a member of a smaller family might not consider.

Grocery store quantity limitations aren’t supportive of larger families.

Nichole Naugler of Blessed Little Homestead recently took to Facebook to shed some light on how quantity limits hurt larger families. But, first… let’s shed a little light on who Nichole Naugler is.

Who is Nichole Naugler?

According to a post on Reddit, the Nauglers “became famous” when CPS removed all of their children. The family reportedly lived in a three sided shack that lacked running water. Her children were since returned to her and they reportedly lived in a LARGER shed as of last year.

According to recent updates on her Facebook page, Nichole is currently the proud mother of 10. Nichole Naugler recently took a trip to Aldi to do a little grocery shopping. Because of their cheap prices, this is a very popular choice among large families. Nichole noted that while she understood the quantity limitations… They didn’t really work for larger families.

“Now I understand this policy so people aren’t wiping out shelves but that policy is only conducive if you’re a single person, if you have 10 children to feed you’re gonna need more than two packages of hot dog buns you’re going to need more than two bags of fruit, You’re certainly going to need more than two cans of any given product,” Naugler penned in her Facebook post.

The mother-of-ten added that she opted not to continue shopping at Aldi. She explained that she didn’t feel right spending money at a store that didn’t support larger families.

It goes without saying that the Duggars, Bates, and Busby families likely face similar challenges right now.

Coronavirus may temporarily force families to spend some time apart.

The CDC has recommended all gatherings of 50 (or more) people be cancelled. Today, President Trump recommended cancelling all gatherings of 10 (0r more) people. This recommendation causes some concern for families that contain more than 10 individuals within their household.

Fans of these larger reality TV series families can only hope they are practicing social distance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Are you worried about your favorite reality TV series family? Are you keeping safe during the coronavirus pandemic? Sound off in the comments down below.


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