Duggar: Felicity Vuolo Shows Off Her Cute Dance Moves

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Instagram

In a new Instagram story, Jinger Duggar Vuolo documented her daughter’s dance moves. Felicity is almost 20 months old and growing up fast. In the video, she’s putting together a Baby Shark puzzle. “Baby Shark” is a kids’ song that’s taken over the world, so there’s now merchandise, including puzzles, books, and more. So, it seems like Felicity is a “Baby Shark” fan just like many of the other children out there.

Once she puts a piece in the right place, the puzzle begins playing the song. And, Felicity can’t help but start dancing to the music. Jinger writes, “You can’t just sit still for baby shark.” In the first part of the video, Felicity is sitting down while dancing. But, in the next clip, she has to stand up to dance along to one of her favorite songs.

Since this video was shared via Instagram stories, Duggar fans can’t react publicly. But, it’s likely that Jinger received a lot of sweet replies about her little girl’s dance moves. You can see the video here.

Duggar kids don’t dance

Growing up, the kids weren’t allowed to dance. This is one of many rules they were expected to abide by. But, based on a few videos Jinger has shared of Felicity, it seems that they’re abandoning that rule for their own family. This is to be expected because several of the Duggar kids have branched out from their parents’ lifestyle.

Plus, fans agree that a one-year-old child dancing is pretty innocent. Fans think it’s really sweet when Felicity dances. So, they don’t see a problem with it. They think it’s great that Jinger and Jeremy are letting their daughter dance when she feels like it.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo on social media

Since Counting On is not currently airing new episodes, Duggar fans love to keep up with the kids via social media. Jinger and Jeremy often use Instagram to share about their new lifestyle in Los Angeles, California. They moved there nearly a year ago after living in Laredo, Texas.

They document all the fun things they’re up to as they venture around their new city. Of course, many of their pictures and videos feature their daughter. Fans really love to see updates about Felicity.


Jeremy and Jinger enjoy dining out, hanging out with their new friends, and trying out coffee shops in Los Angeles. They seem to be happy there, and Jinger even hinted that they aren’t leaving anytime soon.

What do you think of Felicity’s dance moves? Do you think she’s adorable? Share your thoughts below.

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