Tyler Cameron Shares Walk Of Honor Video As His Mom Donates Her Organs

The bachelorette Tyler Cameron

Tyler Cameron shared a video of his family as they quietly and respectfully walked behind his mother in a walk of honor. She was at the end of her life and she was on her way to the surgery to donate her organs. Tyler knew he’d never see his mom alive again. The intimate and powerful moment brought profound meaning to her life as she kept on giving right up to the end.

Tyler Cameron’s mom Andrea gives her organs, powerful tribute

TV Shows Ace reported that Hannah Brown joined Tyler for the life celebration for Andrea, Tyler’s mom. But before they celebrated her life, Tyler and his family had to say goodbye to their mom after her brain aneurysm. Tyler first announced his mom wasn’t well when he canceled an event at Central Park with Good Morning America. Not sure what was wrong, many fans of The Bachelorette responded to his appeal for prayers.

Later, Tyler asked for privacy after his mom passed away. Mostly, fans respected his request, and even the press seemed to give him that space, except to establish that the rumor she died of a heart attack was wrong. Tyler rushed to Jupiter, Flordia, and he managed to make it to her bedside with his siblings. But, they finally had to let her go. The video that Tyler Cameron shared of the last time they saw her is a strong testament to her life. Plus, it encourages people to donate their organs when they pass away, he hopes.

The walk of honor – a moving and powerful tribute to Andrea

In his video that he shared, Tyler showed his family respectfully lined up along the corridors. Tyler and his brother walked behind the hospital bed. Even the hospital staff respected her with bowed their heads and stood aside as they moved to his mom’s final destination. Tyler explained she was on her way for surgery to have her organs removed. Andrea wished to donate her organs to help others.

People noted that Tyler Cameron “went on to pay his respects to Andrea, who was a Florida realtor, for giving ‘the ultimate gift when she passed away.”‘ Naturally, it’s not easy to share such a private and intense moment with the world. After all, there’s no scripting or acting. It’s a raw tragedy for his family. But, possibly it’s the sort of thing his mom Andrea would like the world to hear. You see, Tyler explained that she was the “ultimate servant.” She gave her whole life, right up to the very end.

Organ donating

In his post, Tyler noted that they thanked Donate Life America for their help as they navigated their way through such a difficult time. He wrote, “She gave us her all until she had nothing more she could give.” But, he then added, “So we thought.” Sad but proud, he continued by saying, “Our mother gave the ultimate gift when she passed away. She was able to give more life. She was able to donate her liver and give someone another opportunity. ”


Tyler Cameron also wrote, “I also thought that if I could share this video with y’all, that it could possibly get others to say yes to donating there organs and that’s what my momma would have wanted, (sic).”

As Tyler still grieves the death of his mom, many fans sent in their comments and love. Certainly, most of them think it’s terribly sad, but also wonderful that she was able to keep on giving even though her life was at an end.

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