Duggar daughter Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth

Duggar: Austin Forsyth Reportedly Has An Instagram Separate From The One He And Joy-Anna Share

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Duggar fans know that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth share an Instagram account. There, Joy often posts pictures and videos of her family. Little Gideon pics seem popular. Plus, she shares about Austin making over and flipping homes. But now, another Instagram account surfaced that seems to be one Austin created without Joy-Anna.

Duggar family on Instagram, Joy and Austin share an account

The Duggar family adults often start their own Instagram counts. Jinger, Jana, Jessa and more seem to start them when they become married, or old enough to go online. Jedidiah Duggar started his when he entered politics. Joy-Anna and Austin share an account and stay really active on it. There, Joy shares about Austin flipping homes. Plus, she shared how they remodel a home for themselves, TV Shows Ace reported. That’s a big step up from living in a trailer home.

No one really suspected that Austin held an account separate from Joy-Anna. But, one came to light that looks like it belongs to the Duggar son-in-law. InTouch Weekly dug around and discovered the postless account. Admittedly, only a few followers subscribe, but they noted that Austin’s sister Meagan Ballinger is one of 13 followers. Whether their report resulted in more followers is unknown, but it is really possible. A day later, the account now shows 50 followers.

Is Austin’s account old or new?

The outlet noted that the account’s named @austin4site. While he might plan on using it for his business, the account might actually be an old one. One thing that points toward it actually belonging to Austin is the fact that his sister follows it. Other than that, the only indication lies in his profile picture. The reason they think it might be an old account includes the fact that Austin’s relatives shared the @tag for his name in the past. Possibly, it’s an old account he cleaned up.

Nevertheless, with some followers requesting access, maybe the Duggar son-in-law plans on using it to promote his business. After all, he buys property and flips it. So, the name’s ideal for promoting his business. Many of the Duggars promote things, so why not? While their joint account brings much information about the couple and their child Gideon, that’s not ideal as a platform for marketing his skills in home renovation.

What do you think about the possibility that Austin started his own Instagram without Joy to promote his business? Or, do you think maybe it’s just an old one that he cleaned out when he married Joy-Anna? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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