Hannah Brown Makes It Clear That She’s On Team Hannah Ann

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Hannah Brown may be on the Dancing With the Stars tour, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been keeping up with Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor at all. She dated him and appeared on the premiere episode of his season, after all. Like everyone else, Alabama Hannah wanted to know how his season turned out.

Peter’s relationship with Madison Prewett is already over and Bachelor Nation can’t stop talking about it. Now, Hannah Brown is showing some support for Hannah Ann Sluss. It turns out that she’s not as supportive when it comes to Madison Prewett. The former Bachelorette is sharing her thoughts on the messy Bachelor season finale.

Former Bachelorette hints that she’s on team Hannah Ann Sluss

As per The Hollywood Gossip, Hannah Brown threw shade at Madison Prewett on Twitter. She shared her thoughts on this year’s messy season of The Bachelor. On Wednesday, March 11, wrote the following message: “Hannah is a great name and roll tide. #TheBachelorFinale”

Some Bachelor fans assumed that she was talking about herself. But she’s clearly on team Hannah Ann. Hannah Brown revealed that she was watching the season finale. It turns out that there’s more to the story behind their shared name.

Millions of Bachelor Nation fans love Hannah Ann. She’s gorgeous and she was somewhat drama-free. What’s even more confusing is that these ladies have the same first name. It must’ve been more confusing for Peter, who didn’t know which lady he wanted at the time.

What does Hannah Brown’s tweet have to do with Madison Prewett? “Roll tide” is the name of the rallying cry for the University of Alabama. Meanwhile, Madison’s dad, Chad, is a basketball coach at Auburn University, which is a rival school. Bachelor fans believe that Hannah B’s tweet was shade towards Madison.

Hannah Brown is also not impressed with Peter Weber

Hannah Brown’s latest Instagram like also revealed that she’s not on team Peter Weber. On the Bachelor two-part season finale, Peter ended his engagement with Hannah Ann and reunited with Madison. Fans didn’t like the way he handled his split with Hannah Ann, who eloquently called him out on live television.

During the episode, Hannah Ann revealed that Peter reached out to Hannah Brown to get some “closure” during their engagement. Hannah B. hasn’t openly commented on this situation, but her Instagram likes make it clear that she’s still on team Hannah Ann.

As per Cosmopolitan, a Bachelorette fan page shared a photo of Peter and Hannah Ann’s intense with Hannah Ann’s quote: “If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.” Hannah B. gave the post her approval.

What are your thoughts on Hannah Brown’s social media likes? Do you feel that it was shade towards Madison and Peter? What team are you on? Sound off below in the comments section.

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