When Might Kendra Duggar Have Her Third Child?

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Duggar fans know that Kendra and Joe Duggar aren’t waiting around when it comes to having kids. And, fans think that baby number three will be announced before too long. So, what should fans know about Joe and Kendra’s relationship and the family they’re creating?


How did Joe and Kendra Duggar meet?

Joe and Kendra met in 2012, long before they started courting. This is thanks to their family’s religious similarities. They went to the same church. In an episode of Counting On, Joe talked about his friendship with Kendra. At that point, they were simply friends. He said, “I’ve known Kendra for about five years now and we met at their church. We’ve been talking for close to six months. I guess we would call it more of a friendship stage.

Since they went to the same church, they were able to get to know each other that way. They didn’t rush into a courtship. They took things slow and stayed friends for a little while.

Joe and Kendra start their courtship and get engaged shortly after

But, of course, they ended up courting. Their courtship officially began in March 2017. Around that time, Joe gave Kendra a promise ring. Typically, the Duggar men give the ladies they’re courting a locket. But, he said he didn’t want to do the same exact thing. He said, “Something just a little bit different. It pretty much says that I thought into it more than just kind of doing what the next guy does.”

Actually entering a courtship was a big deal for the two of them. Joe talked about being nervous about the whole thing. This doesn’t mean he wasn’t happy to court Kendra, but it was new and scary. Kendra was thrilled about the whole thing and pointed out that they could start going by the courtship rules rather than the friendship ones. She said, “I didn’t know you were going to ask me today. It means we can hug.”

The Duggar kids refrain from PDA while they’re courting. They can side hug when Jim Bob’s around. But, all of their dates have to include a chaperone. They may hold hands once they’re engaged. And, they can’t front hug or kiss until they tie the knot. Most of them have stuck to these rules. John-David and Abbie did things a little bit differently because they’re older.

They courted for a few months. Then, in May of the same year, he proposed. He popped the question at his sister Joy-Anna’s wedding to Austin Forsyth. About the engagement, Joe said to People, “I was definitely nervous going into it, but I wasn’t afraid that she was going to say no, because she has said, ‘I’m just waiting on you!’”

Kendra revealed that she was shocked. She had no idea when it was going to happen. She also said, “He had the ring in his pocket so when I went to go help myself and grab mints out of his pocket, he grabbed at his pocket and I pulled my hand away. But then I quickly forgot about it.”

Joe and Kendra tie the knot

Then, in September that year, the couple got married! They had a huge wedding. Joe said to People, “It is an amazing feeling to be husband and wife. It’s something that I’ve always dreamed of to have a wife and to raise a family in a way that honors the lord. We are to very excited to see what God has in the future for us.”

Kendra was equally excited, saying, “I can hug him, kiss him, talk with and be with him all the time. Being with your best friend make marriage amazing.”

The “Little Duggar Family” grows fast

It didn’t take long for the couple to conceive. Their family began growing shortly after they got married. The announcement came just two months after they got married. And, their first son, Garrett, was born almost exactly nine months after their wedding. This did lead to some questions from Duggar fans, but it’s likely he was simply a honeymoon baby.

In April 2019, they shared that they were expecting again. Then, on Garrett’s first birthday, they had a gender reveal for baby number two. Inside his smash cake, there was pink filling, revealing that the baby is a girl. The gender reveal was in June. In November, their baby girl, Addison was born.

Garrett and Addison are less than 18 months apart, with just one year and four months between them. Addison is now four months old and Garrett will be two years old in June.


When will baby number three join the family?

Since Addison is only four months old, it might seem premature to be wondering about the family’s third child. Some might think that Kendra has barely had time to recover from her last pregnancy and birth. But, Duggar fans know that an announcement is right around the corner. Before we know it, they’ll be sharing an announcement that they’re expecting again.

Based on the kids’ birthdays, Garrett was about seven months old when Addison was conceived. So, within the next few months, we could see a pregnancy announcement from Kendra and Joe.

It’s unclear what Joe and Kendra have planned. Obviously, they’ve got time to decide how many kids they want. But, some fans think they’re trying to have as many kids as Jim Bob and Michelle. Or, maybe they’re just trying to have as many as they can. Since they got married so young and got started on having their kids so early, they will likely have a large family.

So far, Duggar fans haven’t noticed any hints that she’s already pregnant. But, she doesn’t share a lot of pictures of herself on social media. She did skip the Duggar girls’ outings when Jinger and Felicity Vuolo were in town. The reason behind that was never revealed. The kids could’ve been sick or she may not have wanted to take the two kids out on her own. Maybe she couldn’t make it for another reason. After all, Jinger said the trip was last-minute.

Do you think Kendra’s going to be pregnant again soon? Or, will they take a break so they can adjust to having two kids? Share your thoughts below.

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