‘The Grand Tour’ Season 4 Delayed By Coronavirus, Explains Jeremy Clarkson

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If fans of Amazon’s The Grand Tour thought they could stay in and stream some new episodes of Season 4, they may want to think again. Jeremy Clarkson has recently revealed that the global Coronavirus situation is causing some unforeseen delays. This is what we know now.

The Grand Tour Season 4 Delayed

Fans who think that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are busy filming another episode of The Grand Tour Season 4 may need to think again. According to Jeremy Clarkson’s response to a fan’s question, it is clear that fans best binge on the first three seasons. This is because nothing is going to happen in the foreseeable future.

On March 7, Adam Tedder tweeted to Clarkson, “I starting to think Amazon Prime isn’t worth having without The Grand Tour.” Clarkson’s response? “We have one pretty much ready to go and when this virus business is settled, we will head off to do two more.”

Fan’s online response was not terribly positive. They are disappointed. Worst of all, the planned Grand Tour changes to forego the tents and head out on the road full time have seemed to backfire on the trio.

Fans may remember that at the end of Season 3, an emotional Clarkson shared that this was the last time at the tent discussing vehicles. Later, fans learned the amount of episodes were streamlined. But, not until after the first Season 4 episode, entitled “Seamen.” From now on, they will only film a couple of episodes a year. This is due to the lengthy period of time it takes to film an adventure-packed, international episode.


Where Is Episode 2?

So, now that The Grand Tour has streamlined to less episodes, but more travel adventures, when is the “pretty much ready to go” Madagascar episode airing on Amazon Prime?

In late January, TV Shows Ace investigated this and it appears Amazon intends on releasing it “sometime” in 2020. Jeremy’s news that they plan on filming two more episodes is opposite to that of the original news. Originally, there would be two episodes per season.

Then again, as TV Shows Ace reported that there will be at least five seasons of The Grand Tour, and possibly six, those next two episodes that Clarkson is referring to may be for The Grand Tour Season 5.

Meanwhile, fans of the former Top Gear team can currently watch Richard Hammond and James May in their own new shows. James May: Our Man In Japan is currently airing on Amazon Prime. In this new show, Captain Slow travels around the beautiful and fascinating island country. He explores customs and enjoys trying new food. This is a really great new series.

Richard Hammond’s Big is currently airing on the Science Channel. Hammond travels around the world and checks out some big structures and machines. He learns how engineers build them and how they keep them running.

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Grand Tour news.

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