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Joe And Kendra Duggar Get Hate After Sharing A New Video Of Garrett

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As TV Shows Ace reported, Joe and Kendra Duggar shared a new post about their trip to the park. On Monday evening, they shared a few pictures. Most fans agree that these pictures are adorable. But, of course, no post goes without a little bit of hate. Joe and Kendra’s followers were quick to point out a safety issue.

Duggar fans weigh in on Garrett’s safety

In the video that Joe and Kendra shared, Garrett’s shoes are untied. Of course, the little one is only one year old. So, he can’t tie his shoes on his own. He may not even be able to alert his parents that they’re untied, so it’s up to Joe and Kendra to keep track of that. Because the Duggars live their lives in the spotlight, the criticism came pouring in.

One comment called out the parents for recording the video instead of tying his shoes. Another said, “Hope he doesnt trip on those shoestrings.” Another comment pointed out a second issue, saying, “r his shoes on wrong feet? not good for the little feet -also u might want to tie them or he will trip”.

Another Duggar fan started their negative comment off with a compliment, saying, “You are are Wounderful parents ! But you do need to tie his shoes ! Better safe then sorry“.

The comments continue to pour in over Garrett’s safety. Some Duggar fans are seriously fed up with the hate the family receives.

This isn’t the first time they’ve gotten unwanted advice

They had shared a couple of videos of Garrett and Addison. Addison is in her infant carseat and Garrett is playing with her. He’s zipping the cover, which worried fans. Many comments poured in from fans who were concerned about Addison’s safety. They were afraid that Addison’s cheeks would get zipped up or pinched. Other followers pointed out that Joe and Kendra are obviously right there with the kids since someone had to be taking the video. They wouldn’t leave a one-year-old unattended with an infant.

Duggar fans often have something to say about the kids’ safety

No matter what the Duggar adults post, they can’t seem to catch a break. Whether it’s mom-shaming or advice, they get all kinds of uncalled for comments. Recently, Joy-Anna Forsyth shared a post about Gideon on a horse without a helmet and received some backlash. The same thing happened when Jinger Vuolo’s daughter Felicity was on the ice without a helmet. Also, Jill Dillard got some hate when her son stood on a ride-on car as he tried to reach something on the counter. Some Duggar fans have called their parenting reckless.

Fortunately, plenty of the family’s followers back them up, despite the safety concerns. Plus, it’s worth noting that no news of serious injuries has come out yet. Fans have also pointed out that people are much more strict about safety these days than they once were.

What do you think of Garrett’s shoes being untied? Is it a big deal or should fans get over it? Share your thoughts below.

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